We’re still looking for votes in poll on Westwood/UCLA subway station location

If you haven’t yet voted, please do so. The Westwood station, by most accounts, promises to be one of the most heavily used in the Metro system and I’m very curious about the issue of location.

If you want some more background on the issue, here’s a post from earlier this week that explains it in bullet points.

As we approach the noon hour, results are certainly mixed with 47.6% of voters favoring Wilshire & Westwood, 24.6% under Lot 36 and 26.4% saying the station needs to be closer to the UCLA campus. Among those who voted for “other” the suggestions ranged from between Lot 36 and Wilshire & Westwood to a couple of votes for Wilshire & Le Conte Avenue — which is one mile east of Wilshire & Westwood.

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From Matt, via email:

I believe the choice should be Wilshire/Westwood for this station. It will result in a slightly shorter/faster line, it is in the heart of Westwood and will provide a better anchor and support for the struggling Village. Lot 36 is too far West to directly link well with the Village along with the many high-rises on Wilshire. Let’s remember too that there are many people living and traveling to points east of Westwood Blvd. and Lot 36 is that much more inconvenient for them. For such an important station, we have to be willing to put up with the inconvenience of construction for correct long-term placement.

From Harry, via email:

I believe the subway is needed at both Wilshire/Westwood and Westwood Plaza. But due to high cost this is not possible. I voted for Wilshire/Westwood because it’s less disruptive to the Village. Imagine this: After the subway is built, design a street car (or cable car) that goes north/south from Wilshire/Westwood to Westwood Plaza. It would be a great fit for Westwood, attract visitors and reduce the constant bus traffic in/out of UCLA.

From reneemgreen, via Twitter:

Lot 36 is the obvious choice for the necessary infrastructure!

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