Today in the art of transit

Photo by ipsofatso, via Flickr

I had to look close at this shot before I realized it’s actually four different images that were taken with a multi-lens camera. The technique is often referred to as super-sampling and this photographer did a nice job of framing a Gold Line train at its platform at Union Station.

This, by the way, is our second local image used this week in our ‘art of transit’ series. Since it’s an indisputable fact that Southern Californians are the Most Creative People on Earth, it would be great if we could feature more local work. But I’m not going to run something because it’s local. It’s gotta be really good — and both Fred and I are very, very, very picky!

If you would like to a submit a photo or photos of something transportation-related, post them to Metro’s Flickr group or email them to The photos we’ve featured can be seen in these galleries on Flickr. Or click on the ‘art of transit’ below to view our daily posts.

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