Transportation headlines, Tuesday, July 27

Heres a look at some of the transportation headlines gathered by the Metro Library. The full list of headlines is posted on the librarys blog.

Cell service, wi-fi coming to a subway near you; MTA deal with Transit Wireless back on track (NY Daily News)

The New York City subway is moving into the wireless age as the MTA and a company called Transit Wireless venture forward in a four-year plan to outfit all 277 NYC subway stations with cellular and wi-fi service. Metro is in the very early stages of studying such a service in L.A subway stations. One caveat in the New York City plan: service probably won’t work while riding the trains.

People on Public Transit Illustrated (The City Fix)

This post fits right in with our ongoing ‘art of transit’ series. The City Fix presents lovely water color paintings of people on public transit by New York City artist Aurora Andrews. The paintings really capture the wide range of personalities you encounter in the wonderful world of transit.

TriMet driver offers mea culpa, explains ‘Kill This Bicyclist’ post (The Oregonian)

Here’s a story on the potential follies that come along with blogging especially if you work for a public agency. Portland’s transit agency TriMet is known as one of the most forward thinking public agencies when it comes to being on the cutting edge of technology especially open data and social networking. TriMet allows all employees to run blogs and many of them do. One of the most popular is that of Dan Christensen, a TriMet bus driver who’s humorous tales about his job have made him an online hit. But a recent post entitled “Portland! Kill This Bicyclist!” landed Christensen on administrative leave. In the aftermath, the bus driver is apologetic but is it enough to save his job? Admittedly, the ease of publishing that blogs offer can sometimes lead to trouble. Hat tip to The Transit Wire.