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Welcome to Twitter Tuesday, a weekly feature here at The Source in which we’ll round up the latest Metro related tweets in the Twitterverse. To follow Metro on Twitter just search for @MetroLosAngeles. We recommend adding the #MetroLosAngeles tag to your tweets to get our attention.

We’ve been posting transit pictures and opened up a Flickr group, but some photographers are worried about the legality of snapping pix on Metro:

kitchen @metrolosangeles are we gonna be arrested for taking pictures while on the metro? probably should inform your “security forces”

I’ve been taking pictures of Metro for years and have never been arrested, but if you’re worried check out Metro’s photography guidelines – there’s just a few – and stick to them.

More commentary on the recent fare incraese:

BigEyedMisha @metrolosangeles why is it that since the fare hike, my busses have been less consistent and more packed? We need more buses more often

jaykaos I remember when @metrolosangeles day passes were only $3. Now they’re $6?! Sad day! How disappointing LA!

Thoughts on the Wilshire bus lanes project:

tedder42 @metrolosangeles bus lane. It’s sort of a NO DUH option. (why can’t it be done in a month vs two years?) http://bit.ly/dx4pKT

Bus service – the good, the bad and the ugly:

Kythera Timestamp: 8:54am. 108 running like clockwork this morning! 🙂 #metrolosangeles

Kythera …Right. An empty 108 marked “not in service” just rolled by. What’s the malfunction today, @metrolosangeles?

frankyhernandez @metrolosangeles from 5:50 to 6:50, the 733 bus at ocean & colorado did not show up!! where were the 6:10 and 6:30 buses?!!

We asked, what’s your favorite rail line:

SimonOh @metrolosangeles Gold Line: my favorite light rail line in L.A.!

We tweeted about rail ridership numbers being up:

metrolosangeles Despite summer and recession, Metro Rail ridership up 7.5% in June over a year ago. Start of a trend? http://thesource.metro.net/?p=9384

And the Twitterverse was quick to take issue with our phrasing:

MichaelAffeldt @metrolosangeles what do you mean *despite* recession??

elzed @metrolosangeles It’s not *despite*, it’s *because*. http://bit.ly/bFSkMM “…cars on America’s roadways decreased by 4 million last year”

ubrayj02 @metrolosangeles So are the fares, you rats!

Seems like every week we get tweet from people wanting 24-hour rail service:

VickiRaisens You know I really enjoyed my time taking @metrolosangeles if it were more friendly after 10pm I’d use it all the time @latimes

mitchdurette @metrolosangeles run the subway 24 hours like most cities that have them… #kthxbi

Personally, I love the idea – but the truth is most cities do not have 24-hour rail service. New York City is actually a rare exception. Even world-renowned rail transit systems in London and Tokyo shut down around 1 a.m.

Here are some miscellaneous tweets to finish up this week’s roundup:

sebastian_santo @metrolosangeles there’s a guy drinking a beer happy as a clam in your 733 Eastbound @ venice/main… To think I once gt a tiket 4 a sprite!

NikolasAndrew On The @metrolosangeles Going Home. Thank God There’s Air Conditioning In Here!! Then Off To @xoxoShellyy

LAwithoutacar @metrolosangeles build where the people are: hollywood/weho to beach and w valley to westside. this would get people out of their cars!

SURGATER No matter how many times I’ve ridden @metrolosangeles green line home, still can’t get over how beautiful DTLA looks. #ilovela

VickiRaisens Heading to Japantown…will catch @metrolosangeles-drive and then goldline train..life in LA is full of choices-@landrewb

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