Transportation headlines, Wednesday, July 14

Metro Blue-Ribbon committee says agency should focus on lines that the most people use (L.A. Streetsblog)

A committee convened to look at the agency’s budget has issued its recommendations. The big one is that Metro should focus on providing service on major routes and corridors used by the most people, with a secondary focus on late-night service. The committee also sees rail and Metro Rapid as the future backbone of the Metro system and pushes for better bus connections. Damien Newton writes that most of the recommendations seem like good common sense things but will inevitably rankle some.

Google your next parking spot (GOOD blog)

A new app allows people to record the location of a parking spot that they’re vacating so that others looking for a spot may be able to find it. Hmmm. I don’t like my chances of getting that kind of info in any kind of timely way, at least not with my first generation iPhone on AT&T’s sloooow Edge network.

U.S. DOT releases transportation statistics report (U.S. DOT)

Anyone looking to completely geek out on transpo stats should download this PDF document and start perusing. There’s everything in here from road and transit mileage stats to the worth of hazmat shipments by state — and, wow, does California have a lot of hazmat shipments. Hmm.