@MetroLosAngeles Twitter Tuesday, I Love Transit Week edition

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In honor of I Love Transit Week (inspired by Vancouver’s Buzzer Blog) we asked you to tell us why you love transit, and to append your tweets with #ilovetransit.

We got an overwhelming response – it seems like the stereotype of car crazy Angeleno might be changing.

Many people said that transit makes their lives less stressful and more productive:

annavalls @metrolosangeles #Ilovetransit because I can get to my destination stress free and get some work or reading in!

baconqurlyq Any day I’m not dodging bad drivers is a great day. #ilovetransit

QAScorpio @metrolosangeles #ilovetransit bcause no more finding a place 2 park or paying 2 park woo hoo

skrooz #ilovetransit coz I can sleep while I ride the Metro instead dozing off driving in traffic, not that I would do that, coz that would be bad.

LAwithoutacar #ilovetransit is great because i can read during my commute (when i’m not people watching!)

mscmwilliams #ilovetransit because I don’t have to drive the Traffic they call the 105.. Go Metro..

GarMar88 #ilovetransit because I can study, review for exams, do homework, and read for my college classes on my commute. #metrola #foothilltransit

Others love transit because it’s a great way to experience the city:

BridgeThink @MetroLosAngeles Can’t experience LA by staying in ur car. That’s why #ilovetransit Bring us more buses and more trains. We’ll ride em!

sabillonLA #ilovetransit because is the only way to experience the real LA.

_agilebeast #ilovetransit because it let’s me explore Los Angeles

Some ride to save money:

frankyhernandez #ilovetransit because its a great way to save money on personal needs than on your vehicle. just need drivers who can SEE RIDERS!

Others for their health:

BridgeThink #ilovetransit bcs it’s healthier for your body and mind = space for your legs and thoughts!

skunge @metrolosangeles #ilovetransit because it saves my car from wear and tear and I get some exercise (walking) mixed in along my route.

Here’s one of my favorites, some ride just to confound the status quo:

superjanna #ilovetransit because going car-less in LA is sometimes inspiring, often befuddling to others

There’s plenty more after the jump.

Some other various reasons:

MNCaraan @metrolosangeles #ilovetransit because it takes me where i go

sunny_Menagerie@metrolosangeles #ilovetransit bc of all the crazy people i see on a daily basis from the valley to santa monica

haygurl @metrolosangeles #ilovetransit because it’s (usu.) air conditioned even on those hot summer days…

soulbarn @metrolosangeles #ilovetransit asks why? OK: I celebrate/appreciate/adore LA Metro, often in spite of LA Metro: http://bit.ly/ilovetransit

JeffC1956 I take the @metrolosangeles halfway to work and then drive the rest; boss says I therefore have a “hybrid” #ilovetransit

L.A. County Supervisor Don Knabe loves transit after learning how to drive a bus:

DonKnabe In case you missed it, check out video of me learning to drive a @metrolosangeles bus! http://bit.ly/anWoF3 #ilovetransit

And of course, riding transit gives you time to think about the future of your career:

McInuit I can catch up on podcasts and hatch my plans for world domination #ilovetransit

Some used the #ilovetransit tag to air out a few grievances with transit, which is perfectly okay. Transit, especially in L.A., can sometimes be hard to love:

eugeniedfranval @metrolosangeles what if you don’t? with rising bus fees for riders and cutting service to poor areas? what about that? #ilovetransit

BridgeThink @MetroLosAngeles We love transit but we need MORE. 1.5 hrs to go 5 miles = YIKES! Old news? Oh well… MORE please! We luv it #ilovetransit

haioson After today, I think that a crying baby on a bus can be just as bad as a crying baby on a plane #ilovetransit

And finally, here’s string of tweets heavy on the sarcasm, which I have to admit are kind of funny:

gxl2 #ilovetransit because nothing makes my mornings better than listening to the insane ramblings of homeless people.

gxl2 #ilovetransit because there is no greater feeling than seeing a bus driver ignore your stop and making you late.

gxl2 #ilovetransit because I’d rather be stuck in traffic inside a loud, hot and crowded bus instead of my spacious vehicle with working AC.

Don’t forget, we’re celebrating all week, so if you think of a reason you love transit – add #ilovetransit to your tweets. If we get a lot more we may just a supplemental Twitter roundup.

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