Transportation headlines, Friday, July 9

Here’s a look at some of the transportation headlines gathered by the Metro Library. The full list of headlines is posted on the library’s blog.

Hollywood and Mass Transit: Buddy, Can You Spare a Dime? (Huffington Post)

Earlier this week in an “art of transit” post I expressed desire for Hollywood to get behind public transit. It looks Like HuffPo’s Joel Epstein has the same idea. He notes that in order to attract Hollywood’s superficial eyes (and checkbooks) public transit has to be made sexy – a major hurdle, but isn’t Hollywood the birthplace of cosmetic surgery?

A friendly note from me to Metro (

Since she’s now paying an extra 25 cents to ride her bus of choice (Metro Line 2), Alexandra from has a few comments she’d like to include with her change. One, she’d like to see free transfers introduced into the system – an idea many of our readers agree with. Another request: nicer bus stops, something I agree with, but bus stops tend to be the responsibility of the municipality they reside in, not Metro. Her most passionate request? Get rid of Transit TV.

Car-Dependent States Hit Hardest by Obesity Epidemic (Streetsblog)

Streetsblog did a bit of data mashing and came up with a chart that implies that the more pedestrian friendly a state is the less likely its citizens will suffer form obesity. Streetblog admits that there are many caveats, but the relationship is intriguing. There has also been research in public health circles associating sprawling suburbs with heavier people — because people tend to drive more in the ‘burbs and walk less.