Go Metro Weekends, July 9th – July 11th

As usual, lots of stuff going on this weekend and a lot of it is just steps away from a Metro bus or rail line. Need an itinerary? How about: free jazz at LACMA on Friday night, Lotus Festival in Echo Park on Saturday and L.A.’s Bastille Day in Elysian Park on Sunday.

Have an event you’d like us to include? Shoot us an email at thesource@metro.net. Time and space constraints limit us from listing every accessible event in this city, but this curated list represents what we think is cool and easy to get to.

To plan your trip and to check all other transit options, please consult Google Transit or the Metro Trip Planner.

Friday, July 9th

The Wailers at Hollywood Park [add to Google Calendar]
The Wailers keep Bob Marley’s legacy alive.
Website: http://hollywoodpark.com/fantastic-fridays/the-wailers
Type: Music
When: 10:30pm
Price: Text WAHP to 47766 for $7 admission before 10pm
Where: Hollywood Park, 1050 South Prairie Ave.
Nearby Metro Bus Stops
: Century/Prairie (117, 212/312, 211/215)

"Urban Light" at LACMA. Photo by andy castro.

Photo: andy castro.

Free Friday Night Jazz at LACMA [add to Google Calendar]
Featuring Katisse.
Website: http://www.lacma.org/programs/fridaynightjazz.aspx
Type: Music
When: 6pm
Where: LACMA, 5905 Wilshire Boulevard
Nearby Metro Bus Stops
: Wilshire/Fairfax (20, 217, 720, 780, 920)

Upright Citizens Brigade Fifth Anniversary [add to Google Calendar]
Celebrating five years of underground comedy in Hollywood.
Website: http://losangeles.ucbtheatre.com/shows/2446
Type: Comedy
When: Midnight
Price: $5
Where: Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, 5919 Franklin Ave.
Nearby Metro Rail: Red Line Hollywood/Western Station, Red Line Hollywood/Vine Station
Nearby Metro Bus Stops: Hollywood/Bronson (180/181, 217)

The rest of this weekend’s event picks, after the jump.

Saturday, July 10th

Photo: CrazyUncleJoe

Photo: CrazyUncleJoe

Lotus Festival at Echo Park [add to Google Calendar]
Food, live music, community booths and just maybe some lotus flowers.
Website: http://www.laparks.org/calendar/lotus/lotus.htm
When: 12pm – 9pm Saturday, 12pm – 8pm Sunday
Price: FREE
Where: Echo Park, 1632 Bellevue Ave.
Nearby Metro Bus Stops: Sunset/Echo Park (2/302, 4, 704, 200), Glendale/Santa Ynez (92), Temple/Glendale (10/48)

Bad Astronaut at Eagle Rock Center for Arts [add to Google Calendar]
90’s punk-pop gone seriously artsy.
Website: http://www.centerartseaglerock.org/index.php/calendar/event/id/461
Type: Music
When: 7:30pm
Where: Eagle Rock Center for Arts, 2225 Colorado Blvd.
Nearby Metro Bus Stops: Colorado/Eagle Rock (68/84, 83, 81, 780, 180/181)

We Are the World, Swahili Blonde, Weave at The Echoplex [add to Google Calendar]
Eclectic experimental music.
Website: http://www.attheecho.com/2010/05/25/saturday-07-10-10-swahili-blonde-we-are-the-world-weave-echoplex/
Type: Music
When: 8:30pm
Where: The Echoplex, 1145 Glendale Boulevard
Nearby Metro Bus Stops: Glendale/Park (92), Sunset/Park (2/302, 4), Sunset/Alvarado (704, 2/302, 4, 200, 603)

2001: A Space Odyssey at Egyptian Theater [add to Google Calendar]
Kubrick’s 1968 space epic on the big screen.
Website: http://www.americancinematheque.com
Type: Film
When: 7:30pm
: Egyptian Theater, 6712 Hollywood Boulevard
Nearby Metro Rail
: Red Line Hollywood/Highland Station
Nearby Metro Bus Stops: Hollywood/Las Palmas (212/312, 222, 217), Hollywood/Highland (212/312, 222, 217, 780, 156/656)

Sunday, July 11th

Charles Phoenix & The Third Dimension [add to Google Calendar]
Big Retro 3-D Slide Show Plus the Story of 3-D…in 3-D…it’s a 3-D Extravaganza!!!
Website: http://www.downtownindependent.com/events/charles-phoenix-the-third-2
When: 3pm
Price: $35
Where: Downtown Independent, 251 South Main Street
Nearby Metro Rail
: Red/Purple Line Civic Center Station, Red/Purple Line Pershing Square Station, Gold Line Little Tokyo/Arts District Station

Slake Magazine Launch Party at Skylight Books [add to Google Calendar]
Celebration for new literary journal from ex-L.A. Weekly editors.
Website: http://www.skylightbooks.com/event
Type: Literary
When: 5pm
Price: FREE
: Skylight Books, 1818 N. Vermont Ave.
Nearby Metro Rail
: Red Line Vermont/Sunset Station
Nearby Metro Bus Stops: Vermont/Melbourne (180/181), Prospect/Vermont (180/181, 780), Vermont/Hollywood (217, 204, 754)

Bastille Day L.A. at Elysian Park [add to Google Calendar]
Celebrate the ninth annual official Bastille Day LA Festival in the heart of Los Angeles with French gastronomic delicacies and spectacular live entertainment.
Website: http://www.bastilledaylosangeles.com/
Type: Cultural
When: 12pm- 9pm
Where: Elysian Park Monticello Old Lodge, Stadium Way/Scott Ave.
Nearby Metro Bus Stops: Sunset/Portia (2/302, 4)