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Welcome to Twitter Tuesday, a weekly feature here at The Source in which we’ll round up the latest Metro related tweets in the Twitterverse. To follow Metro on Twitter just search for @MetroLosAngeles. We recommend adding the #MetroLosAngeles tag to your tweets to get our attention.

Here’s what people have been talking about on Twitter lately.

Fare hike:

gometro anyone else enjoying paying more for @metrolosangeles for less frequent service? <3

Schedule changes:

joeTOCIE thank you @metrolosangeles for taking away the bus that usually gets me early to work..late again! Ughh

jtcal @metrolosangeles Why can’t you put a bus stop at Sunset and Westwood Bl for line 761 and why was it taken away 4 or 5 yrs ago?

Late buses:

jtcal @metrolosangeles Why does your 152 line going west always run late? 11:08 AM bus never showed up but 11:38 AM bus did?

joeTOCIE @metrolosangeles lies..there is no 7:04am 91/90 bus..guhh..this is pretty disappointing!

jtcal hey www.twitter.com/metrolosangeles – finally got on your line 656 bus at 1:25 AM instead of around 1:11…

LindseySaladbar More than 30 people at this bus stop, been here more than an hour. No bus. Spread the word, @metrolosangeles stinks.

joeTOCIE @metrolosangeles where can i send my complaints about busses in the san fernando valley? Coz this is too much..a week of late buses? Rly?

FYI: to send a complaint to Customer Relations you can use this Customer Comment Form at Metro.net, send an email to customerRelations@metro.net or call 1-800-464-2111.

Mobile web:

LAwithoutacar @metrolosangeles: a mobile version of website or an iphone app would be awesome & a way to get the hipsters on the bus

LAwithoutacar #metrolosangeles, when are we going to get a mobile version of http://www.metro.net? it would be a great help!

There actually is a mobile version of Metro.net, but I’ll admit that getting to it is not as obvious or robust as it should be. It’s a stripped down version of the main website and it doesn’t automatically load on my iPhone – the link to it is tucked away in the top right corner of the full blown website.

Random musings:

corpfatcat Saw a @metrolosangeles employee wield a can of Febreeze against the forces of uncleanliness #soldiersoffreshness

godVeveryone For decades the car culture has defined California-now I see more people walking, buying locally, interacting, taking @metrolosangeles

plusMETRO The best way to discover #dtla is to ditch your car and take @metrolosangeles Explore the city without the stress.

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