Transportation headlines, Thursday, July 1

Here’s a look at some of the transportation headlines gathered by the Metro Library. The full list of headlines is posted on the library’s blog.

Ride report: Metro Rapid Line 733 (MetroRiderLA)

Over at my old blogging grounds, MetroRiderLA, Wad takes a ride on the brand spanking new Rapid 733 and shares his thoughts. Yes, it’s like a movie review, but for a bus – this is how hardcore Wad is. So does the line get a thumbs up or down? According to the report, the ridership is off the charts for a brand new bus line but Wad notes that the 733 is essentially the old 333 but “in a snappy red tuxedo.”

Now, anyone can monitor reliability (Human Transit)

Transit, tech and data geeks – this one’s for you. Jarrett at Human Transit reveals that due to the growing number of transit agencies providing real time arrival data (Metro’s working on it) it’s now possible for geeks to compile the data and come up with an interesting piece of data: average wait times. Typically we hear about the average on-time performance of transit, but Jarrett notes that wait time is more important – because if a consistently bus comes by every five minutes, who cares if it’s on schedule or not.

Subway Wraps: Innovative Transit Revenue Streams (Not Sandwiches)… (Primary Resources)

Once again the Metro librarians delve into their vast archives and come up with a meaty post chock full of great links and images. This time the story is subway advertising – ads that wrap subway cars in particular. Not only do these unique advertisements bring much needed revenue to cash strapped transit agencies, a lot of them actually look really cool.