The art of transit

A funicular in Lisbon, Portugal. Photograph by Nádia Monteiro, via Flickr. Click above to see the photo on Flickr.

I stumbled over this photo titled “Elevador” by Nádia Monteiro on Flickr a few weeks ago and immediately put it on my favorites list. I like everything about it: the subject, composition, the low-angle perspective, the pedestrians in the background and the glimpse of the man — presumably driving the funicular — in the front of the car.

As I’ve written the past few days, we’d like to make The Source more visual and use our site as a way to highlight some of the wonderful and considerable photography involving mass transit both in the L.A. area and around the world.

I’m pleased to see that a few more people have joined Metro’s Flickr photo group this past week. Post your photos there and we may feature them here. Or, alternatively, if you have a particularly artful photo or know of one that we should post, email it to us at