Reminder: Metro fares increase tomorrow

Tomorrow is July 1 and that means that it’s finally time for the Metro fare increase approved in 2007 to take effect.

That means that the single-ride fare of $1.25 will increase to $1.50 and a day pass will rise from $5 to $6. Here’s a full list of the increases.

It should no noted that fares ARE NOT INCREASING for seniors, students, the disabled or Medicare recipients. Those fares were frozen until 2013 by the Measure R sales tax increase approved by voters in 2008.

It may also be worth noting that because of that freeze, the increase is expected to impact about 48% of Metro passengers.

For those curious readers who wonder how Metro fares compare to those of other large transit agencies in the U.S., here’s a good post assembled by my colleague Fred that looks at that issue.