The art of transit, continued

A streetcar at the Whittier/Bannick loop in Feb. 1963. Photo by Alan Weeks, via Flickr. Click above to see the photo on Flickr.

I posted yesterday that we’d like to feature more photos of mass transit in action, both from the local area and around the world. It makes The Source more visual and, besides, it beats watching the value of your retirement funds tumble thanks to the stock market.

The above photo was posted in Metro’s Flickr pool, which looks like it has about a dozen new members since yesterday. If you have a photo of your own, post it there and we may republish it on The Source. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or artful — just something that catches the eye and says something about the way people get from point A to point B.

Photos from cell phones are welcome; plus, I’m curious to see just how good a shot can be captured by the new iPhone.

You can also email us your photos at