The art of transit

A subway tunnel under construction in Belgium. Photo by dsankt, via Flickr. Click above to see the image on Flickr.

One of the goals that we have for The Source is to make it more visual. Nothing against words — it’s just that we’d like to have more photos, maps and graphics to go with them.

Toward that end, we’re going to be highlighting more photos from the Internet of mass transit systems around the world. There’s a ton of great stuff out there (I’m a Flickr obsessive) and photos are a great way to see how transit works and what it looks like in other parts of the globe.

Of course, we’d also like to have more images from the L.A. area. We have photos shot by Metro, but we’re more than glad to consider readers’ submissions. No, we can’t pay — but we can feature your photo on a blog that gets its fair share of eyeballs each day.

You can email us at but an easier way is to join Metro’s photo group on Flickr. Members — there’s a whole three of us right now — can upload photos and then we can take it from there and post them on The Source.

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