Bus service changes, plus a new Rapid line hit L.A. this Sunday – download the new schedules today

This Sunday, June 27, is Metro’s bi-annual service “shake-up” where bus routes are adjusted, timetables are tweaked and some lines disappear while others are born – all in the name of trying to enhance service and efficiency. And, quite frankly, to make Metro’s service more financially efficient, too.

The big news is that Metro is introducing a new Rapid line, 733, which will travel between downtown L.A. and Santa Monica along Venice Boulevard. It will run seven days a week from 5am to 11pm.

During the rush hours, buses will run every 10 minutes and the trip from Union Station to the end of the line in Santa Monica will take about and hour and a half. Bus will run every 15 to 20 minutes during the off-peak hours, when the end-to-end trip should take about an hour.

Late night service will be provided by the non-Rapid Line 33.

Timetables for Rapid 733 and the rest of the routes (including 30/31, 33/333, 66/366, 152/353, 176, 177, 202, 217, 222, 246/247, 268, 287 and 720)  affected by Sunday’s shake-up are now online – so head over to Metro.net and check out the schedules to plan ahead.