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Welcome to Twitter Tuesday, a weekly feature here at The Source in which we’ll round up the latest Metro related tweets in the Twitterverse. To follow Metro on Twitter just search for @MetroLosAngeles. We recommend adding the #MetroLosAngeles tag to your tweets to get our attention.

The big news of the week was the Lakers winning the NBA National Championship and fans going Metro like never before to celebrate:

rke21tons of #lakers fans hed’n 2 da laker’s parade on #metrolosangeles green line.

RedEbbm When the lakers win make sure you take #metrolosangeles. The crowds have gone wild!

SALLYsaidwhaat All the metro buses that are passing by are FILLED with LAkers fans.

iWags All I saw on the metro was sea of purple and gold. @Lakers @lakersnation

nathanmathias Metro is packed today for lakers parade! #joysofmetro

thejoelepstein Tens of thousands take Metro Rail to Lakers parade – http://bit.ly/aVsdcZ Sure hope they all paid!

A few fans snapped pictures of the crowds and uploaded to Twitter:

MexiiNicii Lakers' fans at North Hollywood Red Metro Line for purchase tickets #GoMetro  to #LakersParade

MexiiNicii Lakers’ fans at North Hollywood Red Metro Line for purchase tickets #GoMetro to #LakersParade http://twitgoo.com/14p9c9

Line for the metro on willow station! Smh #lakers

SneakZkiD20 Line for the metro on willow station! Smh #lakers http://tweetphoto.com/28397756

The Lakers parade also introduced a number of people to Metro for the first time, as evidenced by these tweets:

anamariao_ My first time on the metro! Crossed paths with a krazy old lady & krazy Lakers fan!

Carllina123 On my way to the Lakers Parade!in the metro for the first time

marcel_emerson I’m forever taking the metro to Los Angeles now!

Welcome aboard!

Of course, the crowds led to long lines and wait times, and the traffic and street closures for the parade slowed down bus service, which led to some unhappy tweets:

LBisBurning After seeing how full the Metro was going to Staples I decided to watch #Lakers parade on tv #lbc

eelzebub Finally home from the Lakers Parade, in which I was a little disappointed in. L.A. Metro Rail failed in which a 40-minute ride took 2 hours.

Beyond the Lakers parade, there were some other service issues this week that got some people tweeting:

StephanieLantry @metrolosangeles You know, lately I’ve noticed a lot of buses that aren’t full passing by stops with people waiting. Esp. 333.

joeTOCIE also @metrolosangeles 90/91 late..again!! I should get a free monthly pass for the number of times u get me late for work!!!

themunson @metrolaalerts @metrolosangeles Are you sleeping in? You might want to let people know about the Blue Line delay. Would have drove instead.

In transit app news, one follower let us know about a cool app for finding subway arrival times in NYC:

sonyanews @metrolosangeles would be very cool if metro had an app like this! http://bit.ly/aTsFoY

There is a similar iPhone app for Metro called iTrans Metro, and while it doesn’t have real time arrivals I do find it useful.

Finally, here are a few tweets from followers who obviously love to Go Metro:

raihan_ I don’t think you’ve experienced a city til you’ve been on it’s metro. Was on a whole train of lakers fans this morning. Too cool.

sv_troutgirl Los Angeles’s Metro is not the joke I was led to believe… compares favorably with Chicago’s El, NYC subway, and BART in comfort & speed.

BlueSereia i love to play with @metrolosangeles !!!!!!

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