Transportation headlines, Friday, May 28

Here’s a look at some of the transportation headlines gathered by the Metro Library. The full list of headlines is posted on the library’s blog. Don’t forget you can also follow the Metro Library on Facebook and Twitter.

Metrolink’s New CEO Wants to Make Commuter Rail an Experience that will ‘Wow’ You (LAist)

The guest speaker at this month’s Transit Coalition meeting was Metrolink’s new CEO John Fenton and his words showed him to be a “no-nonsense” type of leader. His first action on the job – essentially requiring train engineers to turn off the engines between runs – is estimated to save the agency $3 to $4 million a year in fuel costs. Plus it spares the air of some noxious fumes and pollution. In addition to weeding out such inefficiencies, Fenton said that he is dedicated to improving the customer experience and making safety a top priority.

74-year-old tagger pleads no contest to misdemeanor vandalism (L.A. Times)

Long time Metro bus riders have surely seen the strange stickers asking “Who is John Scott?” plastered on buses throughout the county. It turns out John Scott is a 74-year-old man with a knack for illegal self promotion. For years John stealthily slapped his stickers on Metro’s buses, but the law finally caught up with him and he’s been slapped with a misdemeanor charge that comes bundled with probation, community service and a $1,680 fine. Despite his age, I think John could be a great asset at any viral marketing company.

710 Tunnel project takes big step forward despite protest meeting takeover (Pasadena Star-News)

The Pasadena Star-News offers a wrap-up of yesterday’s prolonged and dramatic Metro board meeting. A decision was made to move forward on studies of the 710 gap closure — including a possible tunnel — but not without repeated interruptions from Bus Riders Union members protesting Metro’s upcoming fare hikes. The interruptions and resulting relocation of the meeting to a back room left some of the public – who were there to comment on the 710 project – without a chance to speak. Here’s a link to our coverage of the 710 issue yesterday.