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Welcome to Twitter Tuesday, a weekly feature here at The Source in which we’ll round up the latest Metro related tweets in the Twitterverse. To follow Metro on Twitter just search for @MetroLosAngeles. We recommend adding the #MetroLosAngeles tag to your tweets to get our attention.

It’s been a really active week on Twitter with a great share of feedback on issues we’ve been covering on The Source as well as some – wait for it – positive feedback on service!

First up, the fare increase has been big news that’s got a lot of people talking on Twitter. Our poll on different potential fare structures received some good feedback:

elzed @metrolosangeles RE: Fare structure. Create group rate. It’s *much* cheaper for family to drive the car than to “go metro”.

pbailey @metrolosangeles am I missing something, poll doesn’t address TAP cards fare structure. locked into weekly and monthly passes is problem

jody_beth @metrolosangeles I took the poll. Voted for the $1 base increase. Don’t let the BRU bully you — the current price is artificially low!

Another rider praised service but noted that Metro’s current fare policy of “no free transfers” seems unfair:

antgeneral @metrolosangeles great transit connections today but why can’t I transfer from rail to metro local? Double fares suck

Twitter user gometro tweeted about Metro fares all week, offering a variety of opinions and ideas:

gometro Here’s something else @MetroLosAngeles can do instead of raising our fares: rent space at larger stations to store vendors. #MetroFares

gometro Another revenue stream for @MetroLosAngeles: install turnstiles that actually enforce fares. That’s just smart business. #MetroFare

gometro Hey @MetroLosAngeles, instead of raising our fares how about charging fee to people who sell their crap on the train. #MetroFare

gometro BTW, it’s a little ironic that @MetroLosAngeles fares are going up the same time gas prices are expected to go down.

After the jump, comments on Bike to Work Day, tweets from happy Metro riders and a few Metro gripes for good measure.

Last Thursday was Bike to Work Day and while Metro offered free rides to cyclists, not everyone had a positive experience:

sirinya47 @metrolosangeles, bus driver on #9304 called me out for not paying. I had to remind him it was #biketowork day. #unacceptable

lamisosoup Could not nap on Blue Line this AM – needed to make sure bike didn’t fall. Need better place for bike storage on trains. #metrolosangeles

One rider dismisses the entire idea of free rides for cyclists and worries about crowded trains during the rush hour commute:

TakeLAMetro @metrolosangeles Why bikes free? What about on trains at commute time to downtown? Policy says ‘no.’ I bet there’s no room! Foolish idea

Take note: Metro’s bike policy is changing this summer when bikes will be welcomed on subway and light rail vehicles at all times – even during peak commute times. Commuters who are worried about the crush should know that bicycles will be limited to certain parts of trains in order to keep things comfortable for everyone.

Here’s that positive feedback I mentioned. It’s always nice to hear when Metro is impressing customers:

SIXDEGREESLA Constantly impressed by the simple, smart & beautifully designed @metrolosangeles re-brand & ad campaign: http://bit.ly/bsZbt6

skrooz Thank u #metrolosangeles security at Norwalk for making sure I got to my car safe

ling_klang I think the happiest @metrolosangeles worker was driving the Purple Line this morning.

antgeneral Riding metro local 183 for the first time. Thanks for the convenience @metrolosangeles!

ohitsjustkate @metrolosangeles last day riding the 201  best route ever- quiet,pretty&the driver is AWESOME. Who can I praise her to? She needs a raise.

In addition to the positive feedback, here’s some tweets from riders who have integrated Metro into their lifestyle:

christashima Today: @metrolosangeles > @JAMuseum #DTLA

rke21 ride’n da #metrolosangeles gold line from pomona station. #flickr http://flic.kr/p/84begA

ginelle22 Hello Friday night!! — at @metrolosangeles http://gowal.la/c/MJ6q

bandwagonGFKS I’m at the Downtown Independent Theater 4 Print meets Web w/Kellis Landrum…& I Metro’d here! #aigaconnect @aigalosangeles @metrolosangeles

And it wouldn’t be Twitter Tuesday without the requisite gripes about service and planning, so let’s take a look at what Metro did wrong this week:

Brayds My @metrolosangeles bus driver is a freaking mad man. Slamming your foot on the gas then the break is giving me whiplash. #alwaywearahelmet

thelittlefella Sometimes I wonder if @metrolosangeles likes to waste riders’ time on the gold line when it stops for 10 min. at union station for no reason

msperry @metrolosangeles 1 hour at the Westwood 720 stop and one bus has gone by, what gives?

Grahas The 218 and the 212 are soo unreliable always late and sometimes a whole bus never comes really needs to be fixed @metrolosangeles

naomimercer Dear @metrolosangeles I’m so glad that ur planning a functional subway system but where’s train along the 405-why isn’t that in the plans?

Here’s a few gripes about TAP, hopefully some of these questions will be answered when we post our TAP FAQ later today tomorrow:

RedEbbm #metrolosangeles Artesia station turnstyles? How is this system going to work? Get it together with TAP please. http://yfrog.com/6finoj

Artesia turnstiles

bronwyn ugh – trying to buy my June pass from the @metrolosangeles website, and they say my password is wrong. but there is NO way to reset it

Finally, a tweet about the inconsistencies between Metro’s bus rapid transit (BRT) lines:

manosdepierda @metrolosangeles, what about giving some of the same treatment to the Silver Line like you guys did with the Orange line?

Certainly both lines get the same marketing treatment (and they both get colors on the map, like rail lines), but manosdepierda makes a fair point – there are some significant differences that might make Silver Line riders a little jealous of Metro’s other BRT. The first that comes to mind is the price point. Even though the Orange Line gets its own dedicated right of way, the fare is the same as all other bus service. But since the Silver Line makes use of the freeway it adheres to Metro’s freeway zone fare policy which ups the fare to $2.45.

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