Help us choose 10 essential bikes-as-transportation blogs

I <3 My Bike

To close out Bike Week I’d like to round up the 10 best bikes-as-transportation blogs out there. I say bikes-as-transportation because largely bikes are seen as tools for recreation and fitness (and sometimes as nothing more than children’s playthings) not as serious tools for mobility – for that the glory goes to cars, planes and in a distant third public transit. I think one of the goals of bike week is to change this perception and show that bikes are a fun, healthy and eco-friendly way to get around.

But here’s the thing, although I do bike for transportation, I confess I don’t really follow the bike blogs religiously. This is why I’m asking Source readers who are likely far more bike culture aware than I am to help us build this list of must read blogs.

To help kick things off, here’s a few I’ve found that seem great:

I’d like to know what cyclists think of these blogs, and if there’s any other great ones out there. Remember: the key is bikes-as-transport. To share your suggestions email us at or leave a comment on Facebook.

In the past we’ve included local bike blogs from  the Los Angeles Bicycle Coalition and Biking in L.A. on our 10 essential Los Angeles transportation blogs list.

Here’s a roundup of our other “essential” lists: