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Welcome to Twitter Tuesday, a weekly feature here at The Source in which we’ll round up the latest Metro related tweets in the Twitterverse. To follow Metro on Twitter just search for @MetroLosAngeles. We recommend adding the #MetroLosAngeles tag to your tweets to get our attention.

I feel like renaming this week’s Twitter Tuesday to Is My Bus Ever Coming Tuesday because the majority of the tweets this week come from Metro riders who are asking that very question.

First, there’s Line 108 which goes from Marina Del Rey to Pico Rivera along Slauson Avenue:

Kythera Okay, seriously? What gives with the 108, @metrolosangeles? Is it common for it to be 15-20 minutes late near Slauson/Alviso around 9am?

Luckily, things seemed to clear up the next day:

Kythera Hooray! The @metrolosangeles 108 is timely this morning!

Here’s a surprise, Line 76 which travels from Downtown to the El Monte Bus Station – and happens to be my most frequently used bus line – was over 30 minutes late:

jonthelam Wth @metrolosangeles? The 76 bus line is late by over 30 minutes!

Surprising because in my experience it’s been one of the most timely buses I’ve ridden.

Metro Line 550, an express route that goes from San Pedro to West Hollywood using the Harbor Transitway has been given this rider some major wait times:

mpatterson73 @metrolosangeles another Friday waiting the 550 for over an hour. GO METRO and get there whenever…

mpatterson73 @metrolosangeles so now 90 plus minutes and no 550. They sure want a fare increase for substandard service. And complaints get nothing done

And here’s a tweet from someone who’s eager to try Metro but unreliable service is making it a challenge:

emayoh Tried to take the bus this morning. It simply never came. I wanna like @metrolosangeles, but they make it hard sometimes.

That’s no fun for anyone. Riders who face recurring delays on their bus lines, I encourage you to bookmark this Customer Comment Form or memorize the Customer Service phone number (213-922-6235) to get Metro staff on top of the issues.

In honor of Bike to Work Week, here’s a few cycling related tweets:

tykejohnson @metrolosangeles BIKE TO WORK WEEK email sent company wide. Wonder if 1. I’ll get fired 2. Get any response at all. “Cool Change @FOX

benhardy @metrolosangeles is gonna allow bikes on trains during rush hour. Sweet! Someone there has a clue. http://bit.ly/9wl1gR

And although Metro is relaxing its rules regarding bikes on trains, it’s worth noting that it still pays to respect other riders as this tweet reminds us:

hestyman How NOT to put your bikes on gold line during rush hour. #metrolosangeles http://yfrog.com/877suj

And here’s a tweet I wish came along with a picture:

frankyhernandez @metrolosangeles for some reason the fleet of 705 buses has some sort of west nile virus looking bug every time i get on. some concern?

A few riders make the point that L.A. doesn’t go to sleep at 10 p.m. – why should its transit system?

TheeFrancisco @metrolosangeles – I work at the club till 2 n I have no way home becuz subways aren’t 24 hrs. Thank god for friends. #protest 24hr subways

kapope @metrolosangeles – It’s a problem when the last bus is at 10pm. Until we have frequent service, the majority of people will not go metro.

Last week we held a poll asking about alternative fare structures, one reader tweeted us with a suggestion that wasn’t on our poll:

meekadjustments @metrolosangeles I voted for 75 c transfers, but what I really want is a captive-riders-first structure that charges less for off-peak rides

And to end on a positive note, here’s a tweet from a Metro rider who is enjoying using transit to get around L.A.:

VickiRaisens By the way..I’m still using @metrolosangeles to get everywhere in Los Angeles..good exercise..I feel strong..

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