Metro to modify rules on bikes on trains during rush hour

This falls into the category of not quite as dramatic as it sounds, but this summer Metro will modify its policy concerning bikes on Metro Rail during rush hour.

At present, it’s up to the agency to decide whether trains are too crowded for cyclists to bring bikes aboard trains — which happens rarely. Beginning this summer, bikes will always be welcome on both light rail and the subway.

On light rail trains, cyclists will be asked to put their bikes in the short hallway between cars. On the subway, bikes will be directed to the last car of the train.

Damien Newton at L.A. Streetsblog has been following this issue closely for quite some time and has a write-up about it that he posted earlier today.

Obviously, the good news for cyclists here is that it provides them with a level of certainty that if they set out for a rail station, they can always catch a train.

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