Metro Mentions: Good Girl Dinette website

Metro Mentions is a  feature on The Source where we highlight advertisements  we’ve stumbled upon that include Metro access information. Why? In this car-culture town, when local businesses and community organizations voluntarily go out of their way to include transit information in their ads, it raises awareness and informs people of transportation alternatives. Besides, transit info is something commonly seen in ads in other regions. Have you spotted a Metro Mention? Let us know at

A reader sent in this Metro Mention: Good Girl Dinette, a Highland Park eatery specializing in Vietnamese food, makes note of its proximity to Metro Rail on its website. The critically acclaimed diner is just around the corner from the Highland Park Gold Line Station.

A quick glance at the menu reveals super affordable (nothing over $10) Vietnamese comfort foods – and Jonathan Gold lists the Chicken Pot Pie on his 99 Things to Eat in L.A. Before You Die list.

Yours truly is likely going to heed this Metro Mention and hop on the Gold Line this weekend to try out Good Girl Dinette. See, it pays to mention Metro!

Metro Mentions: Good Girl Dinette

"2 blocks from the Gold Line" Thanks for the mention!