The Metro Art Docent Council’s inaugural Thursday night Art Tour is coming this week

Metro Art Tour

The Metro Art Docent Council has been giving free Metro Art Tours of the Metro Rail system on the first Saturday and Sunday morning of each month for over a decade now – introducing over 30,000 people the wide variety of public artworks along Metro’s growing rail system. Starting this week, Metro is adding a Thursday night tour to the monthly schedule.

The Thursday night tour is still free and requires no reservation – just show up at the street level entrance of the Hollywood/Highland Red Line Station at 7:00 p.m. and prepare yourself for a two hour tour of the various art works commissioned through Metro’s art program. Metro’s trained Docent Council volunteers lead the tours and have a wealth of knowledge about the art.

A few more interesting notes about the tours:

  • Metro is the transit agency in world with a volunteer art docent program
  • For many it’s their first introduction to transit and they then often become ambassadors/transit advocates
  • The tours bring new understanding of the individual artists, the variety of ways that they work with the local communities and the process of creating art for public spaces
  • The wide variety of works reflects the cultural diversity and depth of Los Angeles

Wondering if the art tours are really all that? I can’t comment because I’ve yet to go on one, but the Saturday/Sunday tours have garnered an overall 5 star rating by online reviewers over at Yelp.

Still want to know more? I’ve posted a YouTube video I found of one of the tours after the jump.