Metro Mentions: take the Red Line to kickball!

Metro Mentions is a  feature on The Source where we highlight advertisements  we’ve stumbled upon that include Metro access information. Why? In this car-culture town, when local businesses and community organizations voluntarily go out of their way to include transit information in their ads, it raises awareness and informs people of transportation alternatives. Besides, transit info is something commonly seen in ads in other regions. Have you spotted a Metro Mention? Let us know at

Metro Mentions: take the Red Line to kickball!

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I spotted this little advertisement for a local adult kickball league in a recent issue of the Los Angeles Downtown News. The ad invites individuals, groups and teams to join the league for a season of games at the Shatto Recreation Center which, the ad informs us, is located right off a Metro Red Line station.

Now the ad doesn’t specify which Red Line station exactly, but a little Google Maps sleuthing reveals that it’s about four blocks away from the Wilshire/Vermont Station which also happens to be a Purple Line stop.

Plus, kickball is only half the fun of joining the league – the other half is partying after the game at The Mexican Village restaurant. League organizers were obviously thinking transit because the restaurant happens to be two blocks from the Vermont/Beverly Red Line Station. That means that after the game it’s a quick car-free ride to the after party.