500 weigh in on phase 2 of Gold Line Eastside Extension

Metro CEO Art Leahy provided an update in his daily email to staff on the planning process for the Gold Line Eastside Extension Phase 2 project, which could extend the Gold Line from East Los Angeles to either South El Monte or Whittier.

Phase two is a project set to receive Measure R funding and is also one of the transit projects that would be built within the next 10 years under the 30/10 Initiative approved by the agency’s Board of Directors last week. That’s on the condition, of course, the federal government steps up with the needed funding.

Leahy’s update:

The Eastside Phase 2 Transit Corridor Study public scoping period officially came to a close on April 14, 2010. As part of the public scoping process, we conducted four community meetings to inform the public on the project’s purpose and need, project alternatives and potential impacts and mitigations. Additional stakeholders and city meetings were conducted to solicit public input.

To date, we have received over 500 verbal and/or written public comments. The majority of the comments focused on the importance of transit connectivity, service to colleges and universities, providing service to underserved areas, concerns regarding environmental and engineering challenges along the two alignments as well as potential economic opportunities in the cities. In addition, many comments were received from grassroots organizations, developers, hospitals and educational institutions supporting each of the two build alternatives: the SR 60 Light Rail Transit (LRT) and the Washington Boulevard LRT.
We are in the process of developing the Scoping Report which will provide an extensive overview of the public input and participation activities. In addition, we are continuing the necessary technical environmental analysis to address opportunities and challenges along the two alignments.

Please stay connected – http://www.metro.net/projects/eastside_phase2/

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