Metro Library launches new blog

Primary Resources: The Metro Transportation Library BlogMetro has launched another blog to satiate your hunger for transportation related reading. Primary Resources is what the Metro Library is calling their newest online venture – a blog that taps into the library’s vast collection of resources to provide images, videos and documents along with insightful commentary from Metro’s librarians.

Why launch Primary Resources now? The answer is found in the introductory post:

Metro is embarking on an ambitious plan for many new Measure R-funded transit and highway projects, several of which are being planned and executed at the same time.

Transit and transportation advocacy is growing thanks to social networking and other communication tools. Resources can be disseminated, consumed, and redistributed more easily than ever before.

We are actively collecting and digitizing not only Metro’s publications and reports, but also harvesting and preserving important documents and other digital assets in the field of transportation that compliment our collections

The emphasis on Measure R projects can already be seen in one of the first posts which links to a 19-page PDF document from the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation entitled “The Construction Impact Of Metro’s Measure R Transportation Projects 2009-2038”.

Clearly, Primary Resources is not just going to be a collection of old-timey images and dusty publications – although there will be plenty of that as well. Check out this post featuring an incredible image of the Gold Line’s early predecessor, a Los Angeles Railway car rolling past the Southwest Museum in 1914.

The Metro Library is no stranger to blogging and social media – they’ve run the Los Angeles Transportation Headlines since 2006 (The Source rather shamelessly harvests our favorite headlines from them everyday) and have a presence on almost every social networking site there is. Check out the full list after the jump, and make sure you bookmark Primary Resources.