Pedestrians are people too!

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On Wednesday, May 12, Metro is holding a day-long symposium on pedestrian-related issues around the region. The flier for the event is at right.

The idea is to spark a discussion of the many issues related to walking in car-centric So Cal. There are several panel discussions throughout the day, including one that will ponder, among other issues, “Can great-grandma and little Timmy walk safely in today’s city?”

Another panel will chew on this question: “Have we created monster cities that are toxic to our mobility and health?”

The panels will be filled out area planners, public officials and transportation advocates, among others. The hope is to generate some good ideas that cities in Los Angeles County may want to pursue with help from Metro.

The public is welcome to attend, but space is limited — see the flier for RSVP information.

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