Funding plan for Foothill Extension to go to Metro Board next week

A little news out of the Metro Board of Director’s planning committee meeting on Wednesday: A funding transfer agreement with the Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority was moved to the full Metro Board for their consideration at next Thursday’s meeting.

I know. That sounds like a bunch of bureaucratic gobblygook. Translated to English, the deal is this: In order for the Foothill Extension to be built from Pasadena to Azusa, Metro has to transfer Measure R funds to the Construction Authority. The Authority is an independent agency set up to build the line. Once built, Metro will then operate it.

The agreement is needed in order for the Authority to go out and solicit construction bids to build the line — they plan to break ground on the line this summer and want to complete it by 2013. (Bids have already been solicited for the bridge over the eastbound lanes of the 210 freeway).

There was one wrinkle that developed yesterday. The planning committee moved the agreement to the full board without their recommendation on how to vote for it. Why? Foothill and Metro officials are still working on an issue involving the extent of Metro’s participation in the construction process. It basically comes down to who has final say on how the line is constructed — the Construction Authority or Metro?

Staff from both agencies are scheduled to meet prior to the Board meeting.

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