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Welcome to Twitter Tuesday, a weekly feature here at The Source in which  we’ll round up the latest Metro related tweets in the Twitterverse. To follow Metro on Twitter just search for @MetroLosAngeles. We recommend adding the #MetroLosAngeles tag to your tweets to get our attention.

The tweets never stop. A few facts about Metro’s Twitter initiatives:

  • @MetroLosAngeles currently has 1,603 followers
  • @MetroLAalerts currently has 314 followers
  • Both accounts currently follow no one, so if it wasn’t for Twitter Tuesdays it’s likely that most @ replies would be lost in the internet ether.
  • Although @MetroLAalerts is meant for service updates, @MetroLosAngeles also posts service alerts as well. Probably a good thing considering how many more followers it has.
  • Good news: Metro Communications had a big meeting today to discuss best Twitter practices with a panel of social media experts. This means Metro is actively looking for ways to beef up its Twitter presence and make it more useful for customers.

If you have any suggestions about Metro’s Twitter initiatives, shoot us an email at thesource@metro.net or just keep sending @ replies, we’ll find them and feature them every Tuesday.

Today, we’ll start off with a list of tweets from customers venting their frustrations:

hormiga The fare structure of @metrolosangeles is horrible. A day pass for the silver line has to work on 450x if you want discretionary riders.

thebusbench There should be extra busses coming out of Compton, Rosa Parks, Artesia. Signs & shuttles only in DTLA aren’t good enough @metrolosangeles

PinkStarr @metrolosangeles someone peed in the street level elevator (7th & Fig). Thanks to sprained ankle, I had to take it, escalator is out #dtla

blinkie Hey @metrolosangeles the service changes posted at Gold Line stations have the wrong start station for Southbound.

On the other hand, this tweet celebrates Metro’s “Super Rapid” service on Wilshire Boulevard:

MylesNye Excited! Riding the rocket-like 920 #bus. Westwood to Western with only 3 stops. Vrooooooooom!

A few Twitter users had questions for Metro this week:

filmester any suggestion how to get from Lankershim to Highland by @metrolosangeles ?

Hey filmester, I don’t know where on Lankershim you are, but the North Hollywood Red Line Station is located at Lankershim Boulevard and Chandler Boulevard and is an eight minute ride away from the Hollywood/Highland Red Line Station. Remember, Google Maps or the Metro Trip Planner can really help with figuring out if a trip is possible on Metro.

Speaking of Google Maps, PinkStarr sent this tweet:

PinkStarr @metrolosangeles looking forward to when Los Angeles gets it together & is included in Google Transit’s new mashup w/ #Google Maps. #late

I’m not sure if I’m unaware of a new Google Maps mashup, but all of Metro’s bus and rail lines and schedules are currently on Google Maps and have been since last July, after Metro released its transit data to the public. Since then it’s been my favorite way to plan Metro trips, especially using Google Maps on my iPhone while on the move.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s 30/10 plan for transit funding in L.A. is getting a lot of attention, and Twitter user hnjohnso brings up a great idea to increase grassroots support for the plan:

hnjohnso I feel like there should be a FB page for the 30/10 plan, get people involved. @lastreetsblog @villaraigosa @MobilityMaven #metrolosangeles

There’s a Facebook page for just about everything else out there, Metro even has its own, so why not the 30/10 plan? There is, however, a Facebook fan page for the group Move LA, which advocates for expanding Los Angeles County’s mass transit system.

Twitter is at the center of pop culture, along with a musical artist known as Lady Gaga. According to this tweet, Metro now shares the stage with them:

paulstorms @AmazinGrowth You see Lady Gaga’s new video? @MetroLosAngeles & @Metrolink get a cameo = ]

And it’s true, both the Gold Line and Metrolink get cameos in the outrageous new video.

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