Transportation headlines, Wednesday, March 10

It’s no secret that train platforms built in the middle of freeways are not exactly quiet places. Neon Tommy has a smart story about attempts to provide some relief to patrons of the Gold Line, which has three stations parked in the middle of an extremely busy stretch of the 210 freeway in Pasadena. And the solution? Electronic signs that will be put in quieter parts of the stations telling passengers when trains are scheduled to arrive. The idea is that customers can wait in the quiet areas, minimizing their time on the platform.

Need a reason to think twice before super-sizing that Diet Coke on your next drive across Arizona? The state — much like California — has seen a meltdown of its budget and decided to close some freeway rest stops to save some money, reports the New York Times. Residents were not amused but there’s not much they can do about it: federal law prohibits them from commericalizing or privatizing rest stops. Several other states have taken similar steps, which also angered trucking officials. Their complaint is that it’s not just a comfort issue but a safety one.

Former LA Weekly editor and columnist Harold Meyerson uses his regular Washington Post column to opine in favor of Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s 30/10 plan to secure a federal loan to build a dozen Measure R projects in the next decade instead of the next 30 years. Meyerson says that the problem is that the federal government hasn’t shown much willingness to think outside the box when it comes to helping local areas rebuild infrastructure.

The rest of the headlines, compiled by the Metro library, are parked (and not idling while waiting for your perusal) after the jump.

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StreetsBlog LA

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Information Aesthetics

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Los Angeles Times

“Let’s Move” Toward A National Model Of Active Community Design
The City Fix

Making Tracks To East L.A.: Community’s Tourism Campaign Leverages New Metro Line Stop
Los Angeles Business Journal

Metrolink Weighs Cutting Train Service To Ventura County
Ventura County Star

Miami-Dade Makes Launching A Contactless Fare Collection System Easy: Miami’s New Smart Card-Based Transit System Rolls Out In Record Time
Contactless News

Next Week’s L.A. StreetSummit: Workshops And Pre-Registration
StreetsBlog LA

Opinion: Slug On The Tracks (the best application for high-speed rail funds would be to upgrade the D.C. to Boston, 150 mph Acela line to true, high-speed rail status and used as a showcase for American rail technology)
New York Times

Opinion: Why The Anti-Urban Bias? (Harvard economics professor argues that the United States has a long, pervasive pattern of anti-urban behavior that needs to change)
Boston Globe

The Road to America’s Economic Recovery Starts In L.A. (due to Measure R)
Washington Post

Santa Monicans Spend $8,000 Each Year On Transportation
Santa Monica Daily Press

Seeking A Future For A Symbol Of A Grander Past (Detroit’s Michigan Central Station hasn’t seen a train in more than 20 years, and the once-stunning building is becoming a symbol of a dying American city – includes photo slideshow)
New York Times

Transit Funding Disaster: A Hard Look At What Happens When Money Is Tight
Environmental Defense Fund Way2Go Blog

U.S. Transit Trips Hit 10.2 Billion In 2009, With Light Rail Up In Nine Cities
StreetsBlog DC

Using Social Media To Fix Transit That Fails
StreetsBlog LA

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