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Welcome to Twitter Tuesday, a weekly feature here at The Source where we’ll round up the latest Metro related tweets in the Twitterverse. To follow Metro on Twitter just search for @MetroLosAngeles. We recommend adding the #MetroLosAngeles tag to your tweets to get our attention.

This past week was a particularly active one on the Metro Twitterverse, keep it up folks, we’re listening.

Let’s start things off with something completely different, a tweet in praise of the @MetroLAalerts service:

mojo_la @metrolaalerts Your alert yesterday enabled me to route my trip under the Pershing Square protests. Thank you!

You’re welcome, now back to our regularly scheduled programming:

DeMelloTheory @metrolaalerts so why is the 4 bus lagging? Any delays there? No reason for such unreliability consistently w/ this bus!

hormiga Gold line trains running only on SB track, why no service update from #metrolosangeles ?

themunson @metrolaalerts When it takes 39 minutes to go from W/W to 7th/Metro it might be a good time for a fresh alert.

Metro Communications staff and Operations staff are still working on coming up with a definition for what defines an “alert” but I think we can all agree that a 39 minute trip that typically takes 7 minutes deserves some sort of notice.

Tweets about Metro’s website redesign, late night service, and collegiate colors after the jump.

A few tweets came in praising Metro’s new website design, including one from a fellow transit agency (St. Louis, they blog too):

STLTransit Congrats @metrolosangeles! The new website looks great, very functional!

madmelo @metrolosangeles SWEET i dig the new site design!

In addition to buses and trains, Metro also helps motorists out with its Freeway Service Patrol program and one of those motorists sent a tweet our way:

harmonicasolo bummer: i got a flat on the freeway. good: a @metrolosangeles truck was there within 2 minutes. undecided: i tried to hug the driver. bust.

A few tweets from riders wishing for extended service hours on Metro rail and buses to accommodate the L.A. nightlife:

thebusbench @metrolosangeles run the Gold & Red til 2am Fri-Sat you’d make money on this. At least have the Red open Sunset-Union & Gold HP-Union.

climbon321 Hey, @metrolosangeles if the red & orange lines ran until the bars close/concerts ended (aka 2 am) I would use them all the time!

theroxy Please help us @metrolosangeles! RT @metalaxis: riding dn sunset strip but all cool places R closed. IF LA BUSES RAN L8TR I’d go back 2nite.

In response to the last tweet from The Roxy Theater venue on Sunset Blvd. – unfortunately the owl service on Metro Line 2 which runs along all of Sunset Blvd. during the day has a route change during the late night and just misses The Roxy. An alternative, for those willing to take a 10-minute walk, is to ride Metro Line 4 which runs all night and stops at the intersection of Sunset Blvd. and San Vicente Blvd. a half-mile from the venue. Not exactly door-to-door, I know, but it’s totally doable.

A few more kind tweets for Metro, even from the ever critical Bus Bench:

BicyclingNate As much as I complain about MetroLosAngeles, where else could I save so much money by sitting down to read some science fiction?

thebusbench The Blueline has actual @metrolosangeles people helping customers and a laminated sign that is readable. It’s a metro miracle.

GarMar88 Glad I’m on the #MetroLosAngeles 745 where I can let the traffic jam be someone else’s stressor. Go Metro indeed!

Finally, one Twitter user makes an astute observation about the progress of the USC/Expo Park Station along the currently under construction Expo Line:

hnjohnso http://bit.ly/b6gKj4 But why is it blue? #usc #metrolosangeles

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