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Rapid Transit -- A 1964 Reality

Plucked from the fabulous Metro Library coffers, this cover page from “Rapid Transit – A Reality” shows a proposed ultramodern train on its way to Century City, as well as an ambitious list of other hot spots — all scheduled for completion by July, 1968.

The document was part of a 1963 presentation.  Accompanying maps show several lines crisscrossing L.A. County in a pattern strikingly similar to the modern Metro Rail system, including lines from downtown to Long Beach, the Eastside, North Hollywood and — still a dream in our modern world — the Westside, including Century City and Westwood.

The document also notes, “With the accomplishment of the complete freeway system by 1980 and the completion of a mass rapid transit system to assist the freeways in the congested core area, the Los Angeles commuter could take less time in getting home from work in 1980 than he does right now.”


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