Transportation headlines, Wednesday, March 3

Jung Gatoona at Plus Metro didn’t like the way pedestrians access the Little Tokyo Gold Line station, believing it wasn’t as safe as it could be (some pedestrians have to cross tracks twice). So he blogged about it at Plus Metro — earning him some attention on The Source — and visited Metro headquarters to file a complaint form. And what happened? Metro officials took him seriously and have implemented some of his suggestions.

The Examiner covers the recent hearing over a proposed station for high-speed rail train in Burbank. The station requires straight tracks, thus eliminating the current site of the Burbank Metrolink station from consideration. Residents also expressed concerns about property seizures by the California High-Speed Rail Authority to widen the rail corridor in the area and trenches and aerial structures that will be required to get trains through Burbank at speeds of 160 miles per hour.

The Federal Transit Administration has a new section of its website that’s all-about livability. Here’s what they have to say:

U.S. DOT’s Livability Initiative will enhance the economic and social well-being of all Americans by creating and maintaining a safe, reliable, integrated and accessible transportation network that enhances choices for transportation users, provides easy access to employment opportunities and other destinations, and promotes positive effects on the surrounding community.

Not to sound like an editor, but they could have just said “we’ll help pay for mass transit people actually will want to use.”

The rest of today’s transportation headlines, compiled by the Metro library, reside after the jump.

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Keeping Hope That A Voice Can Reverse Transit Cuts
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Metro Fixes The Little Tokyo Station
Plus Metro

New Expo Line Canopies At USC
Curbed LA

Safer Rail Cars Arrive
(new generation of crash-resistant Metrolink rail cars designed to minimize damage, injuries and death in the event of a collision)
Los Angeles Daily News

Sharrows In June, Los Angeles Finally Gets On Board
StreetsBlog LA

TCS: Disputed Transport Provision In Jobs Bill Rewarded Political Clout
StreetsBlog DC

We Have No More Federal Transportation Law, And That’s Bad

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