A-ha! Problem opening board reports on Macs appears to be common

Just to follow-up Monday’s post: I’m not the only one using a Mac computer who has problems opening links that appear on Metro Board of Director agendas.

In fact, half the people who emailed me had problems opening the links — which connect to Metro staff reports — either some of the time or all of the time. In addition, two of my Metro colleagues reported similar issues.

The staff reports contain valuable public information that Board members use before they vote on policies that impact Metro customers and other taxpayers. In my view, these reports should be accessible via the internet to the vast majority of computer users with decent equipment. No one should have to fiddle with their settings or become a tech expert to access something that belongs to them in the first place.

My understanding is that this is a problem that crosses a couple of different departments and also involves some old software. An ideal solution would involve posting the agendas in easy-to-load HTMLwith links to pdf board reports.

Categories: Technology