10 essential transportation blogs that aren’t specific to L.A.

The Transport Politic is one of the most informative and visual stunning transportation blogs out there.

We recently came up with a list of 10 must-read Los Angeles transportation blogs. This week we take a look at 10 more great blogs – this time from the world at large. While many of these blogs cover Los Angeles transportation developments, their main focus is on national and international issues. Having these blogs on your daily reading list will no doubt increase your awareness and help inform your opinion on local issues.

  • The Transport Politichttp://www.thetransportpolitic.com/
    As far as blogs go, transportation related or otherwise, this is about as good as they get. Blogger Yonah Freemark updates daily with at least one feature-length (in other words: long, but in the best way) story on transportation issues around the globe. In addition to the compelling written content, the site is a feast for the eyes, and stories are usually accompanied by beautiful maps that would make any cartographer proud. Coupled with an active commenting community, The Transport Politic is one of the best spots for a transportation fix.
  • Human Transithttp://www.humantransit.org/
    This blog is run by a real live professional transit planner and offers an insiders perspective on the realities of designing transit networks. The transit planner in question, Jarrett Walker, posts stories that hop the globe and offer commentary that is distinct from many of the armchair planners out there. Like good transit service, the posts come frequently and reliably.
  • The Transit Wirehttp://www.thetransitwire.com/
    The Transit Wire is like Gizmodo for transit geeks. The blog covers the latest and greatest technology advancements that are set to revolutionize the way transit agencies do business and the way transit riders get around. From social media to improvements in railroad track technology, The Transit Wire’s daily updates fill the transit technology niche and then some.

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  • Fast Lanehttp://fastlane.dot.gov/
    Some have complained that the name of this blog of the U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood shows a bias towards automobiles – after all, the “fast lane” is something very specific to our auto highways. But this is the United States, and there’s a national bias towards automobiles, so let’s move beyond the name. The Fast Lane is Ray LaHood’s blog and is another example of the increasing trend towards “open government” – something we at The Source think is a positive movement. The blog covers all aspects of our national transportation system, from automobiles and planes to buses and trains. Posting is frequent, and unlike some government blogs (ahem…) comments are welcomed.
  • Half Mile Circleshttp://reconnectingamerica.org/blog
    This is the blog of the Center for Transit Oriented Development and “half mile circles” refers to the radius in which a person is willing to walk – instead of hopping in a car – and the idea that we should put a lot of good stuff (homes, stores, parks, etc.) within those half mile circles. The blog posts lots of good stories, reports, and links that relate to the mission of creating pedestrian friendly and transit oriented neighborhoods in the United States.
  • Transportation For Americahttp://t4america.org/blog/
    Transportation For America is a coalition of activists out to change the United State’s transportation policy to create a 21st century transportation network. Their blog, updated daily, covers transportation policy and news as it affects their mission. If you’re into the kind of change Transportation For America advocates for, you’re going to want to check out their blog.
  • The Overhead Wirehttp://theoverheadwire.blogspot.com/
    The Overhead Wire has been blogging about transit issues since 2006 making it one of the granddaddies on this list. The blog’s updates range from short blurbs and link lists to long well thought out posts on transit and transit oriented development. An influential blog that’s definitely worth a read.
  • The Transit Passhttp://thetransitpass.wordpress.com/
    A “mode neutral” blog that looks an transportation infrastructure issues from around the world. Within this realm the blog covers a wide range of topics, from technology to history. Sporadically updated, but the quality of the content makes it a valuable resource.
  • The Transportationisthttp://blog.lib.umn.edu/levin031/transportationist/
    Really a curated list of transportation links with a bit of commentary, but the blogger’s choices are always interesting.
  • The Infrastructuristhttp://www.infrastructurist.com/
    While The Infrastructurist focuses on more than just transportation, it’s worth including on the list because the frequent postings that do focus on transportation infrastructure are just that good. Their “This Week in High Speed Rail” series alone is worth the price of admission (which is free, by the way).

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