10 essential Los Angeles transportation blogs

Streetsblog LA is an invaluable resource for alternative transit news in Los Angeles.

While The Source is our favorite web site for local transportation news, it’s far from the only one. In fact, there’s a plethora of sites and blogs out there created by dedicated Angelenos that have been keeping the transportation dialogue at the forefront long before this blog was a twinkle in Metro’s eye.

We have plans to implement links to our favorite sites on the sidebar in the near future, but until then here’s a list of 10 great local transportation sites that are worth checking out:

  • Streetsblog Los Angeleshttp://la.streetsblog.org/
    This is the premiere news source for local news for alternative transportation junkies. If you’re a motoring enthusiast, stay away, but if you’re into walking, biking, or public transit – and want a friendlier city for those modes – Streetsblog LA’s coverage and advocacy is second to none. This stylishly designed blog is updated multiple times a day, features active and insightful comment threads and some of the best guest contributors in the city. Streetsblog LA has plans for expanded coverage in the coming year with additional writers, Spanish language stories and a budget for video features.
  • SoapBoxLAhttp://soapboxla.blogspot.com/
    The blog of community activist Stephen Box, SoapBoxLA goes behind the scenes of L.A.’s political landscape in an attempt to improve mobility and neighborhoods. Box attends meetings, interfaces with politicians and hits the streets armed with a video camera to come up with his lengthy and informative postings. Unafraid to voice his opinion (and dissent), SoapBoxLA is a must read.

  • LA County Bicycle Coalition Bloghttp://lacbc.wordpress.com/
    This is the blog of the LACBC, a nonprofit organization that’s been around since 1998 and advocates for a bike-friendly L.A. Read all about what the LABC is doing to improve bicycling conditions in the county and find out how to get involved.
  • Be A Green Commuter Bloghttp://www.beagreencommuter.com/blog/
    The official blog of UCLA Transportation, Be A Green Commuter looks at alternative transportation issues as they affect UCLA and the region in general. A stylish blog with frequent postings and a informal voice that makes it very readable.
  • I Will Ridehttp://www.iwillride.org/
    A good looking and informative blog promoting the Gold Line Foothill Extension, initially put together by Mt. Sierra College students and then turned over the Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority. In addition to informative posts about the progress of the Foothill Extension, I Will Ride also maintains an active Twitter account that often live blogs important meetings.
  • The Bus Benchhttp://www.thebusbench.com/
    Around since 2006, The Bus Bench was one of the first to blog about transit in L.A. This year they’ve really ramped up posting with daily updates and collaborative initiatives. They are Metro’s harshest critic on this list.
    That’s certainly their right; we encourage readers to think critically about some of their criticisms in the same way we hope you read The Source with a critical eye.
  • Plus Metrohttp://www.plusmetro.com/
    A new site to the scene, but one with a lot of potential. The site has a great design and uses beautiful imagery to enhance its stories. Posts are currently sporadic, but what’s there is really good. A report on the safety of the Little Tokyo/Arts District Gold Line station was particularly eye opening.
  • BikingInLAhttp://bikinginla.wordpress.com/
    Biking in LA is no picnic, and BikingInLA is there to prove it. With frequent posting, which includes personal anecdotes and behind the scenes look at the politics of improving bicycling conditions in the city, BikingInLA is worth returning to day after day. The blog also features a great safety guide to navigating L.A. on a bike with your life intact.
  • The Transit Coalition Forumhttp://transittalk.proboards.com/
    Not really a blog, but a great place to chat about Los Angeles transit, the Transit Coalition forum is home to some of L.A.’s most passionate transit advocates and geeks. It’s also a great place to learn what’s new, get into heated arguments and be humbled by lay people who know more about transit than any lay person should.
  • MetroRiderLA http://metroriderla.com/
    Disclosure: I started this blog in the summer of 2006 in a vain attempt to make riding public transit in L.A. cool. While it’s not updated that frequently anymore, MetroRiderLA still has some of the best transportation writers in L.A. contributing. Plus you can change the look of the blog to match your favorite Metro Rail line! I also include it on this list for the MetroRiderLA Forum which is still active and the MetroRiderLA Flickr Group which is home to over 2,000 great user contributed pictures of L.A. public transportation.

Additionally, there are a number of other blogs frequently cover transportation in Los Angeles County, among other subjects that they tackle — and we often link to them here. Among them are LAist, Curbed Los Angeles and L.A. Now, the L.A. Times’ local news blog.

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