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Welcome to Twitter Tuesday, a weekly feature here at The Source where we’ll round up the latest Metro related tweets in the Twitterverse. To follow Metro on Twitter just search for @MetroLosAngeles. We recommend adding the #MetroLosAngeles tag to your tweets to get our attention.

After a short post last week, Twitter Tuesday is back with a load of exciting tweets directed @MetroLosAngeles. From opinions on Metro’s redesigned web presence to status updates on Metro adventures, readers have been eager to let us know what’s up.

First, Metro recently went live with a completely redesigned Metro.net and here’s what Twitter had to say about it:

SK10FLIRT @metrolosangeles um will the trip planner be back up on the new web site bacause I use it daily

siushi @metrolosangeles New site’s tripping me. Timetables were easier to find, now it’s a small link. I feel like design went back in time a step.

PinkStarr @metrolosangeles I’m on MTA’s new website and I can’t find the “purchase a pass online” page. What a pain. #yoursitesucks

hnjohnso @metrolosangeles redid their website. Tho I mainly use Google Transit, I think the Trip Planner should be more prominent. #metrolosangeles

HistoFlipped @MetroLosAngeles has a fancy new layout to their website

AlaiaWilliams @metrolosangeles i like the new design, but I think the trip planner is too far down on the page. Def keep it above the fold

All comments on the new site will be forwarded to Metro’s web team.

Metro also recently launched a new service alert system that uses Twitter as its foundation. While still in beta, users are already chiming in on the @MetroLAalerts service:

DavidCMurphy @metrolosangeles any chance you can direct ppl to alerts acct so those following both don’t always see dups? Ie, wean ppl off this for alrts

jrustigian Hey @metroLAalerts and @MetroLosAngeles, what’s the difference between the two feeds? Interested to know. Thanks!

blinkie Hey @metrolosangeles, please take a look at how @metrolink posts detailed, useful info. @metrolaalerts is 100% useless & there’s no excuse.

bryan @metrolaalerts Can you only tells us when systems are NOT a go? (Just saying.)

GoneMetro L.A. Metro introduces new Twitter account for service alerts: @metroLAalerts // 66 followers so far in a city of 4 million.

Clearly, @MetroLAalerts has a ways to go to before it’s truly useful for riders, but bear in mind that all these Tweets will be taken into consideration as staff works to improve the system. In other words: keep ’em coming.

Our ever critical friends at The Bus Bench blog posed this question to Metro CEO Art Leahy:

thebusbench @Metrolosangeles, Art which train (I’m not going to even ask about the bus, I know 1 Gateway is too precious for the bus) do you take?

At the Southern California Transit Forum on February 5th, Metro’s CEO mentioned that he still lives in Orange County and takes Amtrak and Metrolink to Los Angeles. Both the Pacific Surfliner and Metrolink Orange County Line go to Union Station, directly adjacent to Metro Headquarters at One Gateway.

A few Metro riders tweeted about taking Metro to some leisurely weekend events:

lukeodom Took the red line subway to Downtown Independent. Watching the superbowl on a movie screen. #metrolosangeles

beverly_e excited for tmrw’s adventure! taking @metrolosangeles to @LAFoodFest

Remember that every Friday we compile a list of Metro accessible events happening around the city – it’s worth checking out.

A clean bus is a good bus, and this tweet notes two Metro buses that were “shockingly clean”:

HLP90042 Rode @metrolosangeles Bus No. 6734 / 81 Line on Figueroa, then No. 6751 / 83 Line on Monte Vista today. Both buses were shockingly clean!

Finally, this Metro rider ran into issues using his credit/debit card at Metro Rail ticket vending machines:

richardx7 @metrolosangeles What’s the point in giving the option to pay by bedit/credit card if the ticket machines can never read the cards

I find most of the time the ticket vending machines work, but I do find the card mechanism confusing as there’s no clear indication of which way the card should be facing. Pro tip: there’s a tiny, almost imperceptible double arrow on the card slot that indicates where the magnetic strip should be facing. It might also be prudent to call customer service if a machine is not working, or include the station when tweeting about it.

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