Transportation headlines, Thursday, Feb. 4

The Los Angeles Times’ editorial page opines that the Expo Line Construction Authority’s board of directors should certify the environmental report for the Culver City-to-Santa Monica segment of the line. The board meets this afternoon in downtown L.A. Excerpt:

The agency is building sound walls to reduce noise, grade separations to lessen traffic delays, and parking facilities. That’s not enough for residents, who are demanding unnecessary additional grade separations that would cost hundreds of millions of dollars and make the project financially unfeasible. The board must politely turn them down.

Traffic congestion is among the most common complaints in West L.A., where residents can either stew on the freeway at rush hour or take the bus, which is usually far slower. With funding finally available to change that, there’s only one thing in the way of relief for Westsiders: themselves.

Backers of a mag-lev train that would run between Las Vegas and Anaheim say that they’ve agreed to a $7-billion loan from a Chinese bank, reports the Las Vegas Sun. But the project didn’t receive high-speed rail funds doled out by the federal government recently and U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood says the mag-lev project didn’t even apply for money. Mag-lev backers deny that.

Quiz time! Pick three of the four following cities that boast a bike sharing program: Los Angeles, Denver, Minneapolis and Boston. If L.A. was one of your three, then you failed the test. Marketplace takes a look at the programs and says they’re increasingly popular in cities here and abroad. Here’s a recent post from LAist on L.A.’s efforts to develop a bike sharing pilot program.

The rest of today’s headlines from the Metro library — they’re free to share with anyone — are parked after the jump.

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