Transportation headlines, Wednesday, Feb. 3

GOOD Magazine is well, good, at putting together pretty infographics. Their latest chart compares five large transit systems in the U.S. for measures such as ridership, average speed and miles traveled per trip. Although Los Angeles Metro is the third largest transit system in the nation based on ridership, it is not included in GOOD’s graphic. One thing I found interesting was that the average speed of three out of the five systems compared was less than 20 miles per hour.

If you’re a Metro rider who uses TAP and are curious if it’s ever going to live up to its full potential, it may be time to look at the Bay Area for a reality check. After sixteen years in the making it looks like the Bay Area’s universal fare card system, TransLink, may almost be working in a way that’s useful to commuters. The goal of a universal fare system such as TransLink or TAP is to create a single card that can be used on all local transit systems — at this point TransLink is operational on five systems that handle 75% of Bay Area riders. Functionally, the TransLink card seems pretty cool —  you can add value to it and when it drops below a preset balance, it will automatically reload.

Los Angeles cycling advocates are working on an alternative bike plan that aims to create long distance “bike freeways” in Los Angeles. The envisioned network of routes, no more than three to five miles apart, would crisscross greater Los Angeles providing safe intra/inter-city transport by bicycle. The Backbone Bikeway Network, as it’s called, is specifically meant for long distance commuting — neighborhood travel is a whole different story. Sounds cool, and according to activists it’s cheap, but is there the political will for something like this to happen?

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