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Welcome to Twitter Tuesday, a weekly feature here at The Source where we’ll round up the latest Metro related tweets in the Twitterverse. To follow Metro on Twitter just search for @MetroLosAngeles. We recommend adding the #MetroLosAngeles tag to your tweets to get our attention.

Another week, another collection of tweets: some with love and some with hate, but all important as they help your opinions reach Metro staff. A big reason we round up tweets on this weekly blog post is to make sure staff (who we know actively read The Source) can catch up with customer opinions that might otherwise be lost in the endless stream of tweets and bureaucracy.

This week there was an unfortunate accident between a Gold Line train and car and there was no shortage of updates on Twitter:

billlascher Just saw @metrolosangeles update about the gold line accident at Mission street. Hope everyone is okay but curious to see public reaction.

mokennah metro train accident… gold line… had to get off train

AlyssaMoore Good thing I forgot my Metro pass. Would’ve been on the Gold Line train that hit a car :/

missros The metro gold line struck a car about an hour ago. Hope everyone is alright. Now I just need a ride home.

BicyclingNate I also hear no one at Fillmore told any of the passengers about the bus bridge or where to catch it. Updates? @metrolosangeles#GoldLine

HLP90042 Quick work @metrolosangeles! The Gold Line collision at Glenarm in Pasadena was cleaned up before the TV media could get there.

One Metro rider used Twitter to chime in on proposed service changes coming this summer:

GarMar88 Unless the Dash, El Sol Shuttle or Monterey Pk Spirit are going 2 replace what’s lost, keep #MetroLosAngeles lines 31 & 287 as they are.

Don’t forget, for more information on the proposed changes you can attend the upcoming meetings (the first one, for San Fernando Valley riders, is tomorrow ) or email your opinions to customerrelations@metro.net, attn: June 2010 Service Changes.

We got a Tweet from someone having trouble finding information on our website:

allan1850 @metrolosangeles I was trying to download the 152 timetable and it was a dead link on metro.net

I went to the website and had no trouble downloading the file, so maybe it was temporarily down, but in any case here is a direct link the timetabe for Line 152/353: http://www.metro.net/riding_metro/bus_overview/images/152-353.pdf

Here are a few friendly Tweets that put a smile on our faces:

matchagogo to the @metrolosangeles 720 driver this morning, you made my morning. thank you for waiting!

RevDannyFisher is listening to the Beatles croon “I’m Down” as he sips his tea with the sun in his face on the Metro Gold Line. Ah, Saturday…

In last week’s Twitter round up there were some complaints about Metro Line 232 and a question of whether it was being canceled. Since there are know such plans I responded that perhaps it was just having on off week, but according to the following Tweet it seems the 232’s probelms may be more chronic:

blinkie Heh #metrolosangeles says maybe the 232 had an off week … excuse me, that would be at least an off YEAR AND A HALF in my experience.

Bus operations, it may be time to investigate. Or maybe The Source will have to hop on and see what the story is.

The following tweet is an idea I think everyone can get behind, but one look at Metro’s budget woes tells me it’s an idea that’s not going to be realized any time soon, unfortunately:

utopiad @metrolosangeles increase transit service to every 10 mins, every line 24/7. we cant afford not to. mobility is essential to education & $

And to finish up the round up this week, here’s a few tweets from our favorite source of constructive criticism, The Bus Bench. There’s a pretty nice jab at The Source and my colleague Steve Hymon:

thebusbench @metrolosangeles your redline train to union station had a 45 minute DELAY during rushhour on a MONDAY. I think that’s pretty tweetable.

thebusbench #metrolosangeles new natural gas powered busses are great BUT you can’t see out the side windows. At night the… http://bit.ly/chHsVl

thebusbench Why isn’t #metrolosangeles little blog talking about the value added TAP development, doesn’t someone over there have a pulitzer?

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