Transportation headlines, Monday, Feb. 1

In Boston transportation officials and software developers came together for a “Hackathon” where they brainstormed ideas for innovative ways to put transit data to use. Last year Boston’s transportation agency released their transit data publicly and real time data for a number of lines followed soon after. A handful of applications have already been developed, but the Hackathon was put together to inspire developers to think outside the box. I think a similar event would be ideal for L.A. — Metro has provided the transit data, but not much has been done with it so far that is really helpful for riders.

Wired thinks that airlines need to join forces with rail lines in order to reduce congestion at airports. A lot of traffic at airports is created by the fact that there are so many short distance flights that could easily be done by train. Wired contends that if airlines offered “transfers” to rail lines for these shorter trips a lot of money could be saved on fuel costs and airport congestion would be significantly reduced. Of course, beyond the Northeast Corridor where rail is rather ubiquitous, this idea may simply be unrealistic — Europe we are not.

The L.A. Times takes a look at new information that shows that cell phone rules that require drivers to use hands-free devices have done little to prevent crashes. Researchers say that the rules have worked to reduce hand-held phone usage, in other words, for the most part people are abiding the law. Unfortunately it seems the law may not really have an affect on safety.  It may be that accidents aren’t caused by drivers having their hands occupied, but their brains occupied – with telephone conversations instead of driving.

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Airlines Must Team Up With Rail To Ease Congestion

All Aboard High-Speed Politics
Washington Post

Angels Flight Closure Hits Nine Years: As Railway Remains Grounded, City Official Calls Lack Of Progress “Pathetic”
Los Angeles Downtown News

Biden Says High-Speed Rail Money Ignored Politics: Was He Right?
LA StreetsBlog

The “Bike-Ped.” State Of The Union Has Some Interesting Information For L.A. County
L.A. StreetsBlog

Brainstorming A Better Commute
(developers meet with MassDOT officials to brainstorm apps that use real-time data, resulting in ideas ranging from smart-card frequent-commuter rewards to bus arrival times on a wristwatch)
Boston Globe

California Cellphone Rules Don’t Appear To Be Reducing Car Accidents, Study Finds
Los Angeles Times

Can High-Speed Rail Succeed In America?

Car Sharing In High Demand: Demand For ZipCar Service “Bursting At The Seams”

Clicklist: Living Car-Free
Green LA Girl

Corona Transit Goes Solar
Riverside Press-Enterprise

Gold Line Expansion Project Coming In Summer?
MyFox LA

Gold Line Extension Looks On Track for June Ground-Breaking, Officials say
Pasadena Star-News

If Your Bus Is Late, Should The Agency Pay?
Human Transit

In The Case Of MTA Vs. Tutor-Saliba
LA Observed

Investment, Not Spending
California High Speed Rail Blog

Is Obama Spending The High-Speed Rail Money Wisely?
National Journal Transportation Blog

Las Vegas Monorail Has Few Profitable Options: Despite Bleak Financial Picture, CEO Still hopes To Expand Line To Airport
Las Vegas Sun

Many High-Speed Rail Jobs Could Go To Foreign Companies With Fast-Train Experience
Canadian Business

More From The W Hollywood: All About The Metro Station
LA Curbed

No Bullet Train Money For SD, Riverside Counties
North County Times

Not All CA HSR Advocates Are Happy With Stimulus Decisions
California High Speed Rail Blog

Riverside County Launches 511 Service
Palm Springs Desert Sun

The Runaway Subsidy Train
Wall Street Journal

State Lawmaker Looks To End Free Parking Spots

Talking Transport Security Trends
(engineering and integration security systems across all transportation sectors)
Airport Technology

Tardy Transit? Tweet To The Top

To Encourage Bicycle Commuting, Cyclists Get Lunch Deals In Long Beach

Visualization’s Next Frontier: The Time Has Come For This Tool To Advance From Use As A Conceptual Exhibit To Full Integration Into the Project Development Process
Public Roads

When Doomsday No Longer Feels Dramatic
(Most major transit cuts being announced by stressed agencies are more than a warning, but after years of averted service cuts, there is little public outrage now over actual reductions in operations)
Transport Politic

Who’s Biking?: Choice Or Necessity
Honking In Traffic

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