Where the federal high-speed rail money is going

NationalHSRThe U.S. Department of Transportation posted this map on the agency’s blog to describe the grants awarded last week to high-speed rail projects around the country by President Obama. California received $2.25 billion for its planned $43-billion high-speed rail line between Anaheim and San Francisco.

The blog also has the full text of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood’s speech last week in Florida. Key excerpt:

Hey, I’m an old-fashioned guy who grew up in the Midwest–I love cars. But let’s be realistic; cars are the least efficient method of travel we have, even with our fuel-economy standards. Rail ridership takes cars off the road.

Now, before we get too carried away with the very near future, I have to remind everyone about the past. The interstate highway system that we take for granted today did not materialize overnight. It has taken over a half-century, and we’re still building onto the network.

But, the point is that today we can take it for granted. Our highways take us where we need to go, and the nationwide coast-to-coast system has been a model for the rest of the world.

And President Obama’s vision for high-speed rail mirrors that of President Eisenhower, the father of that Interstate highway system.

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