More high-speed rail funding details

HSRA few more notes on the announcement by President Obama today that California will receive $2.25 billion in federal funds for a high-speed rail line between Anaheim and San Francisco:

*The state of California had applied for $4.7 billion in funds to help build four segments of the line, including Los Angeles to Anaheim. The federal money is coming to California in a lump sum and it has yet to be determined how that money will be divided among the different segments. For what it’s worth, the L.A. to Anaheim segment is generally considered to be farther along in the environmental planning process than the other segments.

*Here’s a link to the press release from the White House on the $8 billion going to high-speed rail from the federal stimulus bill passed last year. And here’s a link to a list of the 13 high-speed rail projects around the country that received federal money. It appears that California received the most money.

*The federal money also includes grants to upgrade Amtrak service around the country. In California, several stretches of track will receive money that officials say will result in improved service. The White House says that some money will go toward allowing some trains between L.A. and San Diego to reach speeds of 110 mph in some places. At present, top speeds in that corrior are 79 mph.

Finally, here’s a link to our post earlier on The Source about the high-speed rail funding awards.