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Welcome to Twitter Tuesday, a weekly feature here at The Source where we’ll round up the latest Metro related tweets in the Twitterverse. To follow Metro on Twitter just search for @MetroLosAngeles. We recommend adding the #MetroLosAngeles tag to your tweets to get our attention.

Metro Line 232, which travels from Long Beach up the Pacific Coast Highway to the LAX Bus Center, was the brunt of a few negative tweets this week.

blinkie I think @metrolosangeles is intentionally keeping the 232 unreliable so they can kill it. Routinely 30 min late or more and ‘discharge only’

Kythera Okay, so it’s NOT just me? Now the 232 is EARLY, so I can’t catch it just after 7pm like I used to. Boo @metrolosangeles!

The 232 is not on the chopping block for this summer’s service shake-up, so maybe it was just having an off week?

On the other hand Metro Line 333, which runs from Downtown L.A. to Venice, received a little love this week for its frequent weekend service.

kapope … heading to catch the Metro 333. I love that this bus runs frequently, even on Sundays. @metrolosangeles

But the same user had some issues with Metro Line 108, which travels from Pico Rivera to Marina Del Ray.

kapope The Metro 108 to/from the Marina is very infrequent & sometimes comes too early. This is an inconvenience and a problem. @metrolosangeles

A few Twitter users offered updates about their experiences riding Metro in the rainy conditions.

HLP90042 Favorite kind of day to let @metrolosangeles do the driving. Trains & Buses are working great despite the rain.

pauldateh rain + LA roads + LA drivers? no thanks. i’ll be taking @metrolosangeles to my meeting in studio city today. ooh, i can read more of dune!

Metro is working on beefing up its Twitter presence with more service updates and useful information, and some people are starting to take notice.

blinkie It looks like @metrolosangeles is slowly learning how to be useful on Twitter. Helpful info about Gold Line this morning. Keep it up!

MitZee I love when there are useful twitter accounts like @metrolosangeles which I just found today. (You’re welcome.)

Here’s a few more miscellaneous tweets that I found interesting or intriguing.

souslesdents Oh my god. I want this t-shirt. Nice job, @metrolosangeles. I love pictograms, sustainability, and clean typefaces. http://bit.ly/52zZZq

PBunches Interesting @metrolosangeles bus ride. Listening to a guy play “Married white woman” blues on his guitar. Classic!

blinkie Very large parking garage at Metro HQ. Why can’t you guys at least pretend that commuting by public transit is reliable? #metrolosangeles

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