East L.A. to Pasadena service on the Gold Line continues but with a 20-minute delay

Service on the Gold Line continues with a 20-minute delay as a traction and power crew works to repair damage to the catenary system just north of the Highland Park station. Trains are running on a single-track between Southwest Museum station in Mt. Washington and Mission station in South Pasadena to bypass the work site at the Arroyo Verde road crossing. Service was disrupted at approx. 4 a.m. Friday morning when a large oak tree uprooted from the rain-saturated ground and fell on the tracks, downing some overhead catenary wires in the process. Work crews have removed the tree and are now repairing damage to the poles that support the catenary wire system that powers the trains. Tracks and power lines were not damaged in the incident.

Through-service to all Gold Line stations was restored by 1 p.m. on Friday. Until normal service is resumed, northbound and southbound trains will depart from all Gold Line stations at 20-minute intervals. Service will include three-car trains to accommodate passengers.

Repairs to the overhead support structure are expected to continue throughout the weekend.

Updates to follow.