Transportation headlines, Thursday, January 21

What better way to spend a gloomy morning than contemplating federal transportation bills? The Hill takes a look at the progress — or lack thereof — of the next massive federal transportation bill. The last such bill, providing $286 billion in funding, was signed into law by President Bush in 2005. A version of the new bill that has been making the rounds in Congress ups the ante to $500 billion, with increased money for mass transit and high-speed rail.

Speaking of that bill, Transport Politic takes a dim view anything positive will happen. Yonah Freemark writes:

“This is the fundamental problem: neither party — even the supposed “tax and spend” one — is willing to take the steps necessary to raise revenues to sponsor increased funding for transit, even though the country is in desperate need of more investment.

One hard rule of yoga: if you breathe regularly and correctly it’s possible to stand in that impossible pose for eons, even as your hamstring is shearing in half. Over at the Huffington Post, psychotherapist Will Baum says focusing on breathing — and shutting off the radio — helps achieve the mindfulness needed to mentally conquer traffic. Hmm. I buy the breathing part. I don’t buy the turning off Bruce Springsteen part.

The rest of today’s headlines, gathered and scavenged by the Metro library, are after the jump.

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Greater Greater Washington

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No Commitment From President Obama On $500 Billion Transportation Bill
The Hill

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California High Speed Rail Blog

NTSB Opens Meeting On Causes Of Chatsworth Train Crash
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Parking Availability Bias
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