Transportation headlines, Wednesday, Jan. 13

NPR has an interview with AP Reporter Matt Apuzzo who conducted an analysis of the federal government’s investment in road infrastructure projects and its affect on unemployment numbers. The conclusion? Despite the massive investment, it hasn’t made a difference in the overall unemployment rate — or the construction unemployment rate for that matter. Why? Transportation construction, despite it’s underlying importance, is such a small segment of the economy that no matter how much money is poured into it, the short term effect on the overall economy is negligible.

Spurred to action by the Metrolink crash in September of 2008 that killed 25, Congress has mandated that positive train control technology must be implemented on all passenger and freight trains by 2015. Positive train control uses wireless technology to automatically stop a train in the case of a dangerous situation – speeding, running a signal or traveling on the wrong track. The cost? Officials estimate that getting the entire system up to date will cost $5.5 billion and $820 million to maintain each year.

Do homes in the suburbs or walkable urban neighborhoods command more value? The New York Times looks at a study using data from that finds that homes in more walkable neighborhoods increase in value more than homes in distant (and generally pedestrian unfriendly) suburbs. Walkscore rates locations on a 100 point scale, with 100 being a “walkers paradise” based on nearby amenities.

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AP: Road Projects Haven’t Helped Employment
National Public Radio

Bailout Beneficiary Wells Fargo Loses Transit Tax-Shelter Lawsuit
DC StreetsBlog

Blogging From TRB: Carshare, Bikeshare, We All Care For Vehicle Share!
The City Fix

Construction At Compton’s MLK Transit Center
The Bus Bench

Councilman Dennis Zine: Southern California Car Culture Here To Stay
LA StreetsBlog Official U.S. Government Website For Distracted Driving

Federal Regulations Released For New Train Safety Technology: The Automated Braking Systems Mandated By Congress Must Be Installed On All Passenger And Freight Trains By 2015
Los Angeles Times

If L.A. Is Going To Invest In Bike Lanes, Then Do It Right!
LA StreetsBlog

L.A. County Holds First Bike Advisory Committee…But It’s Hidden From The Public
LA StreetsBlog

New Parking Meters Today
Little Tokyo Unplugged

OCTA Puts Tustin Mayor Jerry Amante In Driver’s Seat: He Will Take Over As Chairman For The Agency; Pat Bates Will Replace Him As Vice Chair
OC Metro

Opinion: A National Of Hunkered-Down Homebodies (America’s declining mobility rate)
New York Times

Pelosi: Gas Tax Hike Doesn’t Have Majority Support In Congress
LA StreetsBlog

Safety, Traffic Concerns Raised When 3.5-Mile-Long Freight Train Rolls Through L.A. Basin
Los Angeles Times

See The New Design For Big Blue Bus Shelters At The Community Meetings
Green LA Girl

Spurred By Metrolink Crash, Rails Move Closer To Installing Automatic Brakes
Los Angeles Times

South Bay Bicycle Coalition’s Regional Plan Gaining Momentum
Daily Breeze

Street Corners Vs. Cul De Sacs
(walkability’s influence on crime, housing costs)
New York Times

The Transportation Stimulus Has Not Created Jobs – But Was It A Bust?

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