Transportation headlines, Tuesday, January 12

A study by DePaul University found that people are so in love with their wi-fi that they can be lured into taking the bus if they know that means they can surf the internet during said bus trip, so says the Chicago Sun Times. In case you missed the recent news, Metro is moving ahead with plans to allow cell phone companies provide service in the subway. That means you can read witty posts like this — or slay your Facebook friends at Scrabble while going to work!

First, the Kings are toppled by the Sharks last night and now this news: in San Jose, commuters are choosing their cars over mass transit because gas prices are down (really?), transit fares are up, transit service is less frequent and traffic is down thanks to the Great Recession, according to the Mercury News. More folks are working from home to save money, a shift in habits I cannot criticize.

The Legislature’s nonpartisan analyst took a look at the business plan recently put together by the California High Rail Authority and found a criticism: what if 41 million people don’t ride the bullet train each year? Can the line stay solvent with fewer riders? The analyst sound skeptical. LAT’s L.A. Now blog has the news.

The rest of today’s headlines, compiled by the Metro library, are after the jump.

2010 High-Speed Rail In The United States: An International Practicum On System Implementation (Millennium Biltmore Hotel, Los Angeles : February 11-13, 2010)

Ballot Initiative Barring State From Taking Local Funds Gains Steam
Daily Breeze

Beyond Neo-Victorianism: A Call For Design Diversity (advocating a return to the post-war mixed-use districts that provided pedestrian scale but encouraged automobiles and parking)
New Geography

Buses, Trains Are Plugging In To The Times With Wi-Fi
Chicago Sun-Times

City Attorney To Weigh Options On Bicyclist Anti-Harassment Ordinance

City Council Public Safety Committee Blows Easy Chance To Support Cyclists
LA StreetsBlog

Commuters Are Leaving Mass Transit For Their Cars, And They Have Their Reasons
San Jose Mercury News

Concerns Raised As Expo Rail Construction Continues
USC Daily Trojan

Editorial: L.A. Needs A Long-Term Plan – The Poorly Managed City Needs A Road Map For The Future For Land Use, For Its Government Workforce And For Finances
Los Angeles Times

Final Draft Of APTA 2010-2014 Strategic Plan Available For Member Comment
Full-text report of The First Steps To Transitvision 2050 (31p. PDF)

Full 405 Freeway Closures Begin Early Wednesday Morning

High-Speed Rail Plan Flawed, Says Legislature’s Financial Analyst
Los Angeles Times

LADOT Outlines Massive Cuts, Fare Hikes, For DASH
LA StreetsBlog

LADOT Recommends Cutting 11 Bus Lines, Doubling Cash Fares

More Cuts To O.C. Bus Service Might Be In Store
Orange County Register

MTA Bus Drivers Indicted
Culver City News

Obama Administration Working On Its Own Six-Year Transportation Bill
LA StreetsBlog

On The Subway In Their Skivvies: No Pants Day 2010

A Picture Is Worth: Advertising By Amtrak In TSA Security Line

Schwarzenegger Budget Tallies $397 Million From Traffic Camera Tickets
Sacramento Bee

Stop Yawning And Start Building Trains And Other Infrastructure
Huffington Post

Time Warner Cable Offers Customers A Solution To Southern California’s Traffic Woes
Triangle Software

Wave Of Imports Lifts Ports: Cargo Volume In December, Including At L.A. And Long Beach Facilities, Suggests A Recovery Is Underway
Los Angeles Times

White House And Congress Take Issue With AP’s Transport Stimulus Claims
DC StreetsBlog

World Warming To Greener Train Travel

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