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Welcome to Twitter Tuesday, a new weekly feature here at The Source where we’ll round up the latest Metro related tweets in the Twitterverse. To follow Metro on Twitter just search for @MetroLosAngeles. We recommend adding the #MetroLosAngeles tag to your tweets to get our attention.

Last Thursday was the big BCS title game between Texas and Alabama. Metro promoted the Gold Line as a great way to get to the game, and those who rode tweeted their observations.

HLP90042 The south-bound Gold Line is full of sad orange-wearing longhorns. The folks wearing crimson have smiles on their faces.

bobtimmermann I will be a Gold Line train with two #Texas fans who want to cut it really close when it comes to making the kickoff.

freddylee On the Gold line to Pasadena: football fans + 20 sheriffs and metro staff to accomodate at union station.

patrickrbrown On the Gold Line, half the passengers are wearing maroon Alabama shirts, and a few are wearing burnt orange for Texas. I’m wearing a tie.

Here’s a few tweets from a first-time rider who took the Gold Line to Pasadena for the big game. Glad you enjoyed the ride @wrosenthal!

wrosenthal about to take my first ride on @metrolosangeles to get to pasadena. #excited

wrosenthal Dear @metrolosangeles, Parking and getting on the train was so easy and fast. Now please add lines in West LA so I can ditch my car. Thnx.

In fact, the Gold Line seems to be a pretty popular Twitter topic, here’s a few more people who had nice things to say about the line.

Conill You must take the Metro Gold Line to understand the richness of LA. From East LA to Pasadena. What a trip. http://tinyurl.com/yjrlmhr

vaniastuelp Hello LA! Back to reality… and taking the Gold Line train for the first time! Pretty sweet! I can tweet n not get a tix! Where’s winter?

chriscamargo First time on the Gold Line. Toward East LA. (@ Union Station w/ 2 others) http://4sq.com/fily0

SkinnyArbuckle LA activity suggestion: red line subway or gold line rail to union station. walk to olvera street. have margaritas.

WaltIsBadical Gold Line to Staples for the Lakers game, only way to go! http://twitpic.com/wus1u

Point of fact: the Gold Line can be used to connect to the subway to the Blue Line to reach Staples.

One Gold Line rider tweeted about their concerns with the new Little Tokyo/Arts District Station.

PinkStarr The #LittleTokyo #GoldLineStation entrance is not only awkward, it’s downright dangerous! @metrolosangeles #dtla http://yfrog.com/4fme9uj

Another asked a valid question about passenger information at Gold Line stations.

Innocentamanda Why is there not a next train times board for the gold line? All other metro lines have one.

To be fair, at this point only the Red and Purple Lines provide next train information on their transit passenger information system displays in stations.

One rider tweeted for increased TAP card functionality, which sounds like a great idea to me.

effieliu dear metro fairy, plz make tap cards pay per # of rides u want. PLZ!!! thx. #dtla #metrolosangeles

Here a rider tweets to Metro about broken ticket machines at a Blue Line station. Hopefully the issue has been fixed!

richardx7 @metrolosangeles Ticket machines at Vernon Station are only accepting ‘exact amount’ or ‘have no change’

Lastly, a few Twitter users expressed their desire for a more robust Twitter presence from Metro.

RobertMoranLA I wish that the LA MTA has as much of twitter presence as the OCTA does. Too bad @metrolosangeles or @iwillride can’t clone @tednguyen.

alexdecordoba @metrolosangeles only follows @MetroLibrary. Perf example of an agency using technology 2 listen to their community! SIKE!

thebusbench how does @metrolosangeles not twtr a closure due to a bomb scare? 11/20 they didn’t twtr the construction went into MONDAY!!

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