Transportation headlines, Monday, Jan. 11

The New York Times has a story that will delight auto-based gadget fiends and strike fear in the hearts of pedestrians everywhere. Car companies and technology giants are in the process of creating the ultimate Web 2.0 mash-up: internet on the dashboard. These “infotainment systems” will allow drivers to search Wikipedia, pull up Google Maps and, if internet history is any guide, watch pornography while navigating through traffic. Suffice it to say, those who are concerned about the estimated 2,600 fatalities and 570,000 accidents caused by distracted driving each year are not so excited about this particular brand of auto innovation.

GOOD tells the story of local artist Richard Ankrom and his “guerrilla public service” project that literally changed the face of L.A. freeways almost nine years ago. Frustrated with poor signage on the 110 freeway, Ankrom created and installed his own sign that made the exit to the 5 freeway a little more… obvious. The kicker? When Caltrans discovered the guerrilla act, they couldn’t deny the logic and the fake sign remained for eight years. Caltrans replaced the sign with a brand new one near the end of last year.

Oakland is proposing something dramatic: taking away street parking to add bus and bike lanes spanning the city. Part of the continuation of a successful Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system created 10 years ago the lanes will create a safe and convenient way for cyclists to get around. AC Transit is considering adding parking facilities along the route to make up for lost street parking.

The rest of today’s headlines, compiled by the Metro Library, after the jump.

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Despite Risks, Internet Creeps Onto Car Dashboards
New York Times

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LA StreetsBlog

Facebook Refuses To Remove Group Promoting Anti-Cyclist Violence
LA StreetsBlog

The Fake Freeway Sign That Became A Real Public Service

Follow TRB On Twitter
The Transit Wire

Freeway Will Be Closed For Construction (I-5 in Buena Park)
Orange County Register

Governor Wants To Catch Speeders With Red-Light Cameras To Help Balance Budget
Los Angeles Times

Governor’s Proposed Budget Summary: 2010-11
California Department of Finance
(Proposed Budget Detail)
(State Transit Assistance)
(California Transportation Commission)
(Transportation Financing Authority)
(Department of Transportation)

Green Box Biking And Safety: It’s All In Our Heads

Metrolink Cuts 10 Trains But Fares Stay Put: Eight Weekend And Two Weekday Routes On The Commuter Rail System’s Inland Empire / Orange County Line Will Be Eliminated Starting In February
Los Angeles Times

[New York] M.T.A. To Unveil A Makeover Of Its Web Home
New York Times

Oakland Proposes Bus And Bike Lane Across City
(plan proposes creating what may be California’s longest “complete street,” with bike lanes, bus lanes, and pedestrian improvements)
San Francisco Chronicle
National Complete Streets Coalition

The Parlor: Santa Monica’s Permit Woes
LA Subway Blog

San Francisco Sees A Transit Center Revitalizing Downtown

Trains Restored On Line, For Now: Airport Officials Had Especially Opposed Plan To Cut Ventura County Routes
Glendale News Press

Ventura County’s New Parking Standards: A Guide For Los Angeles?
LA StreetsBlog

Whittier Officials To Lobby For Gold Line Extension
Southern California Public Radio

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